Workout Aminos – for an extra boost during exercise!

workout aminos

With this drink you never have to give up before during a workout. Have you just gotten into it and suddenly all the energy seems to have disappeared from your body? Do you put down the barbell and skip the last set? You can’t make sense today …

Quiting is not an option! We show you how to push yourself to keep going and what role EAAs play in this. 

What are Workout Aminos?

Before, during and after training – Stay hydrated ! Sufficient moisture ensures that you continue to perform during your training .

Do you find all that water boring at some point?

Our Workout Aminos are super refreshing thanks to the fresh taste of watermelon and certainly not boring !

Does your motivation often decrease in the course of a training ? Like it increasingly difficult to still turn to ?

Our team of nutritionists and food technologists have searched for the perfect drink for your workout .

Our own product development we were able to test different combinations and then the best in (and delicious!) Choose .

Problem solved – we cracked the formula for success !

Our workout drink not only has a very natural taste , but also contains the very best ingredients to your workout to improve and you push .


EAA stands for Essential Amino Acids . These eight essential amino acids your body can not itself create . It is therefore very important that you get them with your diet . The eight EAAs also include the three BCAAs leucine, valine and isoleucine.

The big advantage of these amino acids is that they are usually readily available to your muscles without the liver having to process them first .

Our Workout Aminos provide you with all eight essential amino acids and are therefore the perfect energy supplier during your workout .

Whey Protein

The extra protein kick for your muscles. For muscle building you not only need the essential amino acids , but also the other proteinogenic amino acids .

It doesn’t matter what your fitness goal is, high-quality proteins ensure that you reach your goal !

Ginseng & Ginkgo

Provide you with the necessary plant power .

Energy Aminos – Workout Aminos – Recovery Aminos

workout drink for before during and after your workout – specially designed to help you to your personal goals to achieve and always the maximum out of yourself too.

Pre-workout – A boost for your training

A really good workout starts before you even hit the gym . Proper preparation is the key to success.

Caffeine and guarana provide a real wake-up kick to your workout. So you really have no excuse not to go!

It is very normal for your body to start to tingle Beta alanine gives your muscles an extra boost – so don’t worry.

Which amino acids are most suitable for you?

Not sure which product is best for you ? Ultimately, it is always important to listen to yourself and your body . You decide which product suits you and how you can achieve your goals the fastest .

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