Women and Protein Shakes: Myths and Facts

women plus protein

Protein shakes not for women? We’re happy to end the myth that protein shakes and women don’t mix. Discover the many benefits of protein intake, one of the keys to your dream figure!    

We are happy to tell you how important the role of proteins and shakes is for a super figure. We present the facts and show why proteins and protein shakes should be a regular part of your daily diet.

The 2 biggest myths about women and protein shakes

Unfortunately, many women still believe that protein shakes are only for men. Drinking a protein shake is often associated with bloated bodybuilders who envision a completely different beauty ideal.

This “fear” of proteins limits your physical performance. And that’s why we want to get rid of the two biggest myths about protein shakes.

Myth 1: Protein shakes provide male muscle building

This is probably by far the best known myth about proteins. However, it is simply not possible for women to naturally develop male muscle building by consuming a lot of protein. Compared to men, women have a much lower testosterone level. From a biological point of view alone, women are not even capable of building unnaturally large amounts of muscle.

But the intake of protein does help you to get well-formed muscles – and what woman doesn’t want a toned arm and a well-shaped buttocks? So do not be afraid of male muscle growth due to a high protein consumption.

Myth 2: Protein shakes make women fat

Weight gain is the result of a day’s total energy balance. So if you maintain a positive energy balance throughout the day (you take in more energy than your body needs), this will lead to weight gain – no matter how high the protein content in your diet. Plus, protein shakes are more likely to help keep you from gaining weight. The structure of protein is much more complex than, for example, carbohydrates and fats, digesting it therefore takes more energy and ensures a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

The benefits of protein shakes for women

When it comes to losing weight and burning fat, protein shakes are essential for good results. During your diet you consume fewer calories than you consume. That is why you often lose muscle mass in the first instance before your fat reserves are used. Protein shakes help you meet your protein needs and maintain your muscles while reducing your fat content.

Advantage 1: Proteins give your muscle building a boost

Those who want to lose weight and lose fat usually also lose muscle mass. Then you look slimmer, but you don’t really get a tighter figure. Or you are “skinny fat”, then you are slim, but you do not have a tight figure (it is also called TOFI: “Thin Outside, Fat Inside”). Protein shakes help you to maintain lean muscle mass, while also losing fat at the same time. This way you get a toned figure, instead of just getting slimmer.

Advantage 2: Proteins regulate hunger and make you feel full 

An irresistible appetite for licorice? Not being able to resist the temptation of chocolate … This is especially difficult when you suddenly get a huge appetite in the evening. We all suffer from it from time to time. A constant feeling of hunger is often an indication that you are not getting enough protein. Compared to carbohydrates and fats, proteins are more difficult for our body to process – the body therefore has longer “pleasure” from the proteins. Our body first breaks down proteins from food into separate amino acids and only then processes them further. This slow digestion ensures that we feel full for longer after a protein-rich meal. Especially with a diet or if you want to lose weight, it is therefore wise to get enough protein.

Benefit 3: Proteins help burn calories

Proteins support the burning of fats in the body (also called thermogenesis). About 20-35 percent of the nutritional energy from proteins is only used by the body to break down and process proteins. If you want to lose weight and save calories, it is therefore wise to add protein or protein shakes to your diet and to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fats.

How much protein do you need as a woman?

The amount of protein you need in a day depends on various factors, such as your physical goals and sports activities. Due to the many benefits of macronutrient protein (protein is one of the three most important nutrients that provide energy), we recommend a protein consumption of at least 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

“ The lower the daily calorie intake, the higher the protein content should be. This makes you feel full more quickly and prevents you from getting hungry again. “

Our last tip for women: forget all myths about women, fitness and protein shakes! Do you want a toned body with well-formed muscles? Then train with heavier weights, opt for a protein-rich diet and supplement it with sports nutrition.

Ultimately, it is mainly about the right balance between training and nutrition. The rule of thumb is: 70% is determined by nutrition, 30% by sports. Because of course it is not possible without exercising. So, forget about all the cliches and drink a protein shake regularly.

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