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rest day

The most underestimated factor for performance is your recovery. Here you will learn why a rest day can help you reach your goal faster. 

What is a rest day?

A rest day, or recovery day, describes all days on which you do not train and on which your body can recover . On these days you take a break for your body to increase your performance. You will find out exactly how it works.

Why is a rest day so important?

When you exercise, you demand a lot from your body. During strength training, for example, your muscles develop small micro-cracks that your body wants to repair afterwards. So your muscles don’t grow at all when you exercise, even though it sometimes seems like it. They grow only in the time you rest passes and your body has time to the damaged tissue to be back on construction .

With endurance sports it works a bit differently. Here you not only exhaust your muscles , but also your entire cardiovascular system . But here too you can only recover as soon as your body gets rest. Only then can your body prepare for the next session.

By the way : By making the most of your recovery period, timing your next training session correctly and improving your performance in the best possible way, you will achieve super compensation .

When is it time for a rest day?

How often you should take a rest day depends on many different factors. Your general condition comes first . If you are well trained, you usually have a shorter recovery time and can train faster again.

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But beginners in particular are at risk of doing too much too soon, because they want to see results quickly. Much is good, but too much is not. If you exercise continuously, you will eventually lose more and more strength . In the worst case, you hurt yourself and you are forced to take a break .

Do the following points apply to you?

  • You have not been making progress with your training for some time.
  • Your condition is getting worse rather than improving.
  • You suffer from extraordinary muscle pain.
  • You often feel tired and exhausted.

If several of these apply to you, these are reliable signs that your body needs a break.

If you don’t give your body enough rest to recover, you run the risk of so-called overtraining .

What you can do during your rest day

You have a day of rest today. That means no intensive weight training and no running huge distances . But can’t you sit still and still want to move?

No problem! A rest day does not mean that you have to lie on the couch and do nothing at all. During a rest day, you can for example very relaxing a few meters obility exercises do. Or go cycling at a leisurely pace, without the pressure to perform.

Do some relaxation exercises. Think of yoga , meditation or progressive muscle relaxation .


  • A rest day is a determining factor for performance in your training.
  • Muscles don’t grow during your workout, but during the recovery phase.
  • Endurance athletes also regularly need a day of rest to be able to recover sufficiently.
  • Listen to your body and give your body regular rest to recover.

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