Why Training Together Isn’t Always Better

Why Training Together Isn't Always Better

Training with a training buddy improves your performance, doesn’t it? But what should you pay attention to when you exercise with your friends?

What’s better than doing things you enjoy with people you like? Probably nothing. That also applies to sports with your friends.

We also like to train in pairs or as a team and believe that a strong community is one of the most important things to progress as an athlete. Or just as a person.

Especially if you are a beginner , workout dates with your friends are the perfect way to combine exercise and socializing to gain more experience.

But by training in pairs, you also run the risk of diluting your own training and not getting the most out of it. Just you yourself are not 100% can concentrate . That way you miss the opportunity to make progress and that is a shame of course.

You should pay attention to this if you play sports within a team

In order to keep improving yourself and not to lose the pleasure of training within a community, it is important that you keep focusing on your training . As soon as you notice that things are not going so well, you make changes.

This may mean simply changing your attitude and working on controlling your ego. Or that you just train solo for a while.

1. Motivate vs. compete

The line between motivating each other or competing with each other is very thin. You find yourself irritated when your friend can consistently weigh 5 kg more than you? Or are you trying your best not to look as tired than you really are, because your workout buddy is still going on fresh and fruity? That you still do that extra set, just because you want to be better?

Then your ego is really too big . If you can’t get out of this competitive mindset , go solo for a while or find another training buddy you can’t compete with. For example someone with completely different powers, a different class or just someone with a completely different focus.

Otherwise you run the risk of exceeding your limits. That way you can get injured . This competition is also very stressful mentally . And mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness.

Tip: Learn to focus more on your own goal , instead of being distracted by your competitor.

2. Obligation vs. rest day

Your muscles are tired, you slept badly, you have a lot to do and you don’t feel like exercising. Still, you rush to your workout. You have an appointment with the training buddy and you don’t want to disappoint him. Good or not?

Depends. The point is that you know how to beat that little devil on your shoulder and that, despite your many obligations, you still know how to find time for your training!

But there are also days when skipping your workout and just doing what you feel is better for you. You will have to give in to your weaknesses and cancel your training buddy. And he or she will not be angry!

3. Community vs. relationship

Make sure you don’t neglect your friends or close acquaintances by exercising together. Ask yourself which friendships and relationships are really important to you and take enough time to maintain them .

4. Fun vs. distraction from your goals

Training together is fun: Challenges, training outside, taking lessons or just a compromise between what you and your buddy want to do.

Make sure you don’t compromise too often if you actually have a concrete goal in mind. 

Tip to avoid this: Make a training plan together. This way you can make progress together, even if you don’t manage to train together. Next time, just pick up where you left off, together or alone.

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