Why should you eat peanut butter before going to sleep

peanut butter

Muscle building and mass phase, diet and definition phase: Peanut butter is not only healthy, but also the perfect snack for sports enthusiasts . We explain why peanut butter is so healthy and why you should eat it before going to sleep.

Peanut butter contains a lot of calories and is very tasty. As so often does not really sound like typical fitness food. But peanut butter is healthy! And good to fall asleep with. Whether you build muscle or want to lose fat.

Is Peanut Butter Healthy?

Yes. Unsaturated fatty acids. Vegetable proteins. Potassium and Magnesium. Vitamin E and arginine. What do these nutrients have in common? They are all important for healthy muscles and a beautiful body. And peanut butter has them all! That’s why peanut butter is healthy.

Nice protein kick. with every spoon.

Snack, spread, topping or sauce. Sweet or savory: peanut butter is the protein-rich all-rounder in the kitchen. Whether protein for muscle building or fiber in your diet – valuable nutrients support your performance during sports and your daily life. A real must-have.

  • Ideal as a sandwich spread or in smoothies
  • Rich in important vitamins and minerals
  • Provides valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • 100% organic quality and without artificial additives

That’s why you should eat peanut butter before going to sleep

A fair number of positive qualities make peanut butter healthy and the perfect evening snack.

What happens if you eat peanut butter before going to sleep?

  • Your muscles are supplied with high-quality proteins during the night.
  • It promotes muscle building and prevents muscle breakdown.
  • Your recovery is supported by valuable trace elements.
  • The protein content stimulates thermogenesis.
  • You are provided with sufficient nutrients during the night.
  • Binge eating in the morning is now a thing of the past!

peanut – The protein nut

Taken very closely, the peanut is actually not a never, but a legume. But the nutrient profile is nothing short of that of a real nut. In terms of protein, compared to almonds, macadamia, etc., the peanut is clearly in the lead with 26 g of protein per 100 g . Peanut butter is healthy and contains nutrients that are very important for athletes.

peanut butter for muscle building & mass building

Peanut butter is high in fat and high in calories. With 9 kcal per gram, fat is the macro nutrient with the most calories. That also explains why peanut butter contains so many calories. That’s why peanut butter also makes it easy for you to reach your calorie surplus when  building muscle .

Fat is not all about quantity, but above all about quality . Here, peanut butter is also on top with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids. Peanut butter’s nutrient profile is impressive with low carbohydrates, high protein, healthy fats and fiber.

Peanut butter also contains arginine and magnesium , which improves your performance. Potassium helps you to replenish your glycogen stores after your workout. This makes peanut butter healthy and the ideal food for athletes.

peanut butter in your diet & definition phase

Protein increases your thermogenesis. That means, digestion requires a lot of energy. In this way, fat burning and basic metabolism are stimulated immediately after eating . And that is especially useful at night. Increased fat burning helps to combat unsightly fat pads and binge eating in the morning. High-quality protein helps to maintain your muscles.

Peanut butter is healthy – if you pay attention to these 3 things

1. Pay attention to the quantity.

Muscle building or diet? For one you need a calorie surplus and for the other you need a calorie deficit . You can do both with peanut butter. But choose the amount that suits your purpose!

2. peanut butter Yes – Carbohydrates no

If you increase your carbohydrates, more insulin is produced. And insulin blocks your fat burning and promotes fat storage. If you combine peanut butter and carbohydrates, you counteract the healthy effect of peanut butter.

3. Sugar Trans fats and quality

Sugar is often added to peanut butter. White sugar, agave, honey or cane sugar. Sugar remains sugar. And sugar consists of carbohydrates – rule number 2. Organic quality is also an important quality characteristic for proper processing of the peanuts. This is the only way to get the right nutrient kick.

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