Why don’t I lose weight? 5 reasons & solutions

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You are dieting. You do sports. And you wonder: Why don’t I lose weight? Do not doubt yourself! We will tell you how to achieve your target weight. 

How does losing weight work?

The basic principle of weight loss is simple. Use more calories than your body takes in from food. This creates a calorie deficit and you lose weight . If you take in more calories than you consume, you will get a calorie surplus and you will gain weight.

Editor’s Tip: Calculate your personal calorie consumption to reach your target weight. Our free Body Check will help you with that.

There are two ways to achieve a calorie deficit. You can lower your calorie intake by adjusting your diet . Or you can increase your daily calorie consumption by exercising and exercising regularly . A combination of both is the most effective.

Yet it often happens that people try to lose weight and that it just won’t work, even if they exercise regularly and eat healthier. We will tell you the reasons and the solutions.

Why don’t I lose weight? Our 5 reasons and solutions

1. You have built muscle

You look in the mirror, look at photos before and after and see a clear difference. Your scale is not broken, but it shows no change. This shows that you are on the right track. You have lost fat and built muscle . The muscle mass you gain increases your daily calorie consumption and ensures that you also burn more fat at rest.

The solution : Don’t just depend on the number on your scale. Measure your waist circumference with a tape measure and write down the results. Trust your gut too! If you suddenly try on those tight jeans again, that’s a clear sign.

2. You don’t stick to your calorie deficit

If you eat more consciously and healthier, you may still not stick to your calorie deficit. Have you ever weighed your meals and tracked how many calories you actually eat ?

Because even a salad can be high in calories if you eat it with olive oil or another high-calorie dressing. Do you still drink juices, soda and alcohol? This contains many hidden calories. For example, a small glass of juice already contains 100 calories. In fact, a small beer contains more than 120 calories.

The solution : Avoid consuming too many calories through drinking and keep track of your diet for a few days. This gives you a good insight into how many calories you are actually eating.

Editor’s Tip : Avoid high-sugar snacks. These only lead to binge eating and contain unnecessary calories. A better alternative is a protein bar. It fills longer, has fewer calories and provides you with a good portion of protein.

3. The calculated calorie deficit is too high

Option 1 : Although a calorie calculator usually gives a fairly accurate calculation, it remains a theoretical calculation that cannot take your body into account. For example, an 80 kg heavy and well-trained person has a higher calorie consumption than an untrained person of the same weight.

Option 2 : You have already lost weight. As a result, your calorie requirement has changed again and you have to recalculate it. Because with 55 kg you do not have the same calorie requirement as with 65 kg.

The solution : Recalculate your calorie requirement or gradually reduce your daily calorie intake by an additional 100-300 calories.

4. You are impatient

Every body is different. If you want to lose weight in the long run, you have to be patient . You may lose a few pounds in the first few days of a change in your diet, but then stagnate. That’s because your body mostly loses water in the beginning. Losing fat doesn’t happen overnight.

The solution : Integrate sports and exercise into your everyday life. This increases your calorie consumption, strengthens your muscles and you burn fat faster.

5. Too much stress

Stress makes you less disciplined . It provides faster for binge eating and in the long run you’ll be here despondent. This combination causes a poorer calorie balance . And your weight stagnates. The right diet and training actually cause even more stress. Thus a vicious circle begins.

The solution: Take a break every now and then. Do nothing for a day and relax.


  • Losing weight only works if you maintain a calorie deficit.
  • You can consume fewer calories through food.
  • Or you increase your calorie consumption through sports and exercise.
  • Calculate your calorie requirement and focus on that.
  • Be patient. Every person loses weight at a different rate.

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