Why am I not losing weight? 11 tips for losing weight

You strictly adhere to your diet and have started exercising more, but the pounds are still not flying off? We have listed 11 possible reasons and solutions for you.

You are taking in too many calories

Fact: You only lose weight if you take in fewer calories than you need. If you’ve been sticking to your diet for a while and have had the first successes, you may find that at some point you simply don’t lose weight.

What happened?

Because you have lost kilos , your energy needs have also changed . Instead of a shortage of calories, your daily calorie requirement and your calorie consumption are now exactly in balance. If you want to lose even more weight, you will therefore have to recalculate and adjust your calorie consumption . Instead, if you give up frustrated because nothing more happens and keep eating the same amount, the dreaded yo-yo effect can occur.

You train with too low an intensity

It’s great that you regularly exercise! You have taken an important step in the right direction. But if you feel that you are not getting better and actually are not losing weight, it may be that you are training at too low an intensity.

An example: Imagine that you have a red and a green car with a full tank of gas. Both cars have to drive 100 kilometers. The red car drives continuously at 100 km / h and reaches the finish in one hour. The green car drives continuously at 200 km / h and reaches its destination after 30 minutes. Which of the two cars ended up using more fuel? Right, the green car has used more fuel.

And so it is with burning calories. This does not mean that you should now only start training as quickly as possible, the correct execution always comes first. But it does show how important it is to train effectively. Classes like HIIT or Tabata are good examples of high intensity workouts.

You are not challenging yourself enough

With the right training intensity you will keep challenging your muscles. If you do exactly the same number of reps with the same weight next time, your muscles will not adapt and nothing will change.

And that means you don’t build new muscle or burn more fat, because the intensity stays the same. When you exercise do with your own body weight , you can regularly a few extra reps do.

Even if you think you can’t do anymore, challenge yourself to do 3 more reps. After a few workouts, your body is used to it.

If you train with weights, you can increase the weight as soon as you can handle as many reps in your last set as you did in your first set .

You eat too little protein

You eat fewer calories than you need and you exercise regularly, but you still see no difference in front of the mirror and on the scales? It may be because you are getting little protein. You eat enough carbohydrates and fats, but your meals contain too little protein.

Your body has enough protein needed after exercising muscles can build on to . If your body isn’t getting enough protein and is in a calorie deficit, it even uses protein from your muscles to get energy from it!

The result: you do not progress during training and your motivation decreases.

Your muscle mass has increased

When you start exercising, your body quickly adapts to the new load. Even if you are in a calorie deficit, your body tries to prepare your muscles for the next training session.

That is why you may build up some muscle mass in the first weeks . And although you already have a better figure , you have not lost any kilos . Don’t worry, the new muscle mass will cause you to burn more calories in the long run and your love handles will disappear.

You drink too little water

We cannot live without water. Depending on age and situation, the human body consists of 70-95% water. Water plays a role in all important processes in your body. If you don’t drink enough water, your body cannot initiate the metabolic process needed to lose weight.

Do you eat hidden fatteners?

You have calculated your calorie requirement. You have neatly tracked your breakfast, lunch and dinner and you know exactly how many calories you are taking in. But what about the snacks in between?

That could be the reason why you don’t lose weight.

Many seemingly small snacks often contain an incredible amount of calories. For example, one scoop of chocolate ice cream already contains 86 calories. Just 100 grams of marzipan contains almost 500 calories! But even if you prefer savory snacks, you have to be careful. Cheese and sausage are real calorie bombs. A slice of mortadella already contains 73 calories. A slice of Gouda even contains 76 calories.

Do you have a lot of stress?

Stress can also be the reason why you don’t lose weight. When you’re stressed, your body makes more of the hormone cortisol . This hormone inhibits the fat burning .

The good thing is, regular exercise can help you reduce stress and make cortisol disappear faster.

Are you still drinking calories?

You just read why it’s important to get enough fluids. And we showed you that there are hidden calorie bombs that unnecessarily increase your daily calorie intake.

But drinks such as soft drinks, fruit juice and alcohol also contain a lot of calories. Just 100 ml of cola, orange juice or beer , for example, contains almost 40 calories . So even if you only drink one glass of this, you get as many calories as if you were to eat a snack.

You eat too much salt

Another reason you may not lose as much weight as you would like may be the salt content in your diet. When you eat too much salt, your body stores more sodium . This ensures that your body stores more water and you gain weight unnecessarily.

You eat too much

You stick to all the tips described here all week, and yet you don’t see any difference on the scales? Maybe the extras you allow yourself on cheat day are too much of a good thing. Because even if you stick to your diet all week, you can easily reverse the success you have achieved with a few cheat meals. So treat yourself in moderation during a cheat day.


  • Too great a calorie deficit causes your body to switch to a lower heat.
  • Exercise at a high intensity to burn more calories.
  • Extra muscle mass can ensure that your weight remains unchanged, even if you see change in the mirror.
  • Avoid hidden calorie bombs and high-calorie drinks.

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