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Everyone knows that fibers is good for you. But why actually? We answer your questions. 

What are Fibers?

Fiber is undigested food components. Because the enzymes in our gastrointestinal tract can only partially or not at all separate fibers, they are not broken down or digested after eating . Fiber is mainly found in plant foods , such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Effect of fibers

Good for your digestion 

Fiber is very good for our gastrointestinal tract . The good bacteria present in our intestinal flora are very happy with fiber-rich food, because this is the basis of their diet.

Long feeling of satiety

Fiber binds to water. They can increase their volume by 100% . Because of this extra volume, fiber-rich foods have a very satiating effect . On the other hand, the swelling of the nutritional components of the digested food causes it to be digested more slowly .

Helps against binge eating

Rapidly available carbohydrates, such as white flour products, make our blood sugar levels rise quickly and then fall again just as quickly. To prevent a subsequent under-sugaring, our body reminds our brains to eat something quickly – in short, a binge has started! The slow breakdown of high-fiber foods also slows down your digestion . Our blood sugar does not rise as quickly as it should and also falls more slowly.

Fiber-rich foods

The recommended daily intake of fiber is 30 to 40 grams , according to the Nutrition Center . With a healthy and balanced diet it is easy to meet your fiber requirement. Good sources of fiber are legumes , fruits , vegetables and whole grain cereal products . Foods such as sausage, cheese or milk, on the other hand, contain almost no fiber.

Fiber list

To make sure you have an overview of which foods contain a lot of fiber, we have made a table with the 10 most fiber-rich foods:

Foodstuff  Fiber content per 100 g 
Wheat bran 45.1 g 
Broken linseed 35 g 
Chia seeds, e.g. white chia seeds 34.4 g 
Coconut chips , eg Coconut Chips 24 g 
White beans 23.2 g 
Soybeans, soy meat 22 g 
Dried plums 18.8 g 
Salsify  18.3 g 
Bran 18 g 
Dried apricots 17.3 g 

Our conclusion

  • Legumes, fruits, vegetables and whole grains are high in fiber
  • It is recommended to eat 30 to 40 g of fiber per day
  • Getting enough fiber aids your digestion
  • Fiber-rich foods make you feel full for longer and prevent binge eating

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