This is how sport makes you more productive

This is how sport makes you more productive

Don’t have time to exercise because you’re too busy? Research has shown that exercising regularly makes you generally more productive. You can read why this is the case in this article. 

Exercise reduces stress

Whether it is work or private, if you have to function under high pressure and stress for a long time , you become less and less productive . By exercising you reduce your stress level very effectively and that ensures that your muscles and mind can relax .

This is also the reason why stress-related tensions often disappear during exercise. Under stress you are unconsciously tense in various muscles, such as your neck. If you use these muscles during a workout, the alternation of load and defecation provides a relaxing effect .

This way you are generally more relaxed and in balance after the training and you can focus on other tasks.

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Exercise strengthens your immune system

Did you know that exercise has a positive effect on your immune system? May sound crazy, but it is true! For several reasons. One reason is that many athletes train outside in a variety of weather conditions. And this has a positive effect on your immune system .

On the other hand, a very exhausting workout will turn off your immune system . This is especially the case after long runs and strength training at a very high intensity.

If you exercise regularly, your body will try to adapt. Depending on your training, you not only build strength and fitness, but also your immune system. Studies even show that employees who are allowed to exercise during working hours are generally ill less often .

Sports makes you creative

You always get the best ideas when you least expect them. This usually happens when you are very relaxed , during a walk in the woods or in the sauna. Many people also say they get the best ideas in the shower or toilet.

Exercise also helps you to relax and concentrate at the same time . That’s why people with busy lives say they often get the best ideas when they exercise. Instead of sitting in front of your desk for hours and thinking about the perfect solution, grab your trainers and get moving.

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Sports that make you more productive

In principle, a little exercise is good for becoming more productive. The best sports are those that activate your body, but do not exhaust it completely. Think jogging, swimming or yoga.

To get balance after work, HIIT training is especially good to be able to lose your energy and clear your mind.


  • Exercise reduces stress and can relieve tension.
  • Outdoor sports strengthens your immune system.
  • Exercise helps you to relax and that has a positive effect on your creative thinking process.
  • Loose, active sports activities are best for becoming more productive.

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