The 9 best home fitness exercises

home fitness exercises

Is it not for you to set the alarm clock extra early to exercise before work? And are you busy enough from work in the evenings? Do you get stressed by the idea of ​​having to go to the gym too? Home fitness exercises are the perfect alternative to escape this stress.

Home fitness exercises – you should pay attention to this

Training at home is easy and saves you a lot of time. All you need are the right fitness exercises to get your body in shape. Heavy equipment is not necessary for a successful workout.

But even the best fitness exercises are of no use if you don’t exercise well and don’t have a good diet.

A healthy, balanced diet is the basis for optimal training success . This also applies to training at home. You need enough energy every day in the form of carbohydrates and fats to perform at work, during exercise and in your private life.

At the same time you proteins need your muscles after training building to again and optimally to recover . Don’t have time to prepare a balanced meal before or after your workout, but still want to provide your body with energy and protein quickly ? Then a Protein Shake is for you.

Put some water or milk in the shaker. Add protein powder. Shake. Ready. And you have a high-protein drink that tastes like a milkshake.

5 home fitness exercises without equipment + training plan

1. Hyperextension

Hyperextension home fitness exercises
Difficulty: Easily
You train: Lower back
Pay attention: Pull yourself up slowly and make the movement in a controlled manner.
Variation: Stretch your arms forward to increase the angle and increase the difficulty.

2. Sit-ups

Difficulty: Medium
You train: Abs + hip flexors
Pay attention: Your back stays straight as you come up.
Variation – light: Lift your upper body slightly off the ground (crunch).
Variation – Heavy: Contract your upper body and legs at the same time.

3. Hip Lift sideboard

Hip Lift sideboard home fitness exercises
Difficulty: Medium
You train: Core
Pay attention: Lower your hip to just above the ground, but do n’t touch the ground .
Variation – light: It can be difficult to keep your balance at first. Then support with your free hand on the ground in front of you.
Variation – Heavy: If you can maintain your balance, extend your free arm upward.

4. leg Raises

Explain Raises
Difficulty: Medium
You train: Straight abs
Pay attention: Keep enough tension on your core muscles to avoid a hollow back.
Variation – light: Keep your legs at an angle when you lift them.
Variation – Heavy: Push your hips slightly off the floor, keeping your legs straight up.

5. Superman Plank

Superman Plank
Difficulty: Difficult
You train: Trunk and balance
Pay attention: Be careful not to make a hollow back.
Variation: Lift your arms and legs off the floor one at a time.

4 home fitness exercises with weights

If you want to make your training heavier, you can of course also work with weights at home. All you need are a pair of dumbbells, a weight plate or a kettlebell. Or, if you don’t want to buy extra weights, a large water bottle. Here we have a few more exercises that you can easily do at home too.

1. Russian Twist

Russian Twist
Difficulty: Difficult
You train: Straight and oblique abs
Beachte: Keep your legs as still as possible, your upper body stays upright.
Variation – leicht: Do the Russian Twist without weight.
Variation – schwer: Let the weight throw towards you in the form of a heavy medicine ball and throw the ball back after a spin.

2. Walking Lunges

Walking Lunges
Difficulty: Difficult
You train: Big glute, quadriceps, deep posture muscles Auxiliary muscles: core, back leg muscles, arms
Pay attention: When you put your foot down, your knee and ankle are roughly in line. Avoid sideways movements in thigh and knee. Perform the entire movement in a steady and well-coordinated manner. When in doubt, train without weight first.
Variation – light: Do the lunges alone or with less weight.
Variation – Heavy: Increase the weight.

3. Butterfly Reverse

home fitness exercises
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Difficulty: Medium
You train: Center of the aconite muscle, posterior part of the deltoid muscle, large and small diamond-shaped muscle, lower thorn muscle.
Auxiliary muscles: lower and upper part of the aconite muscle, anterior and lateral part of the deltoid muscle, core, back extensors, thigh muscle.
Pay attention: Your palm is facing down, you hold your thumb over your fingers. Your elbows are slightly bent, the dumbbells are in line with your shoulders.
Your weight is distributed over your entire foot, your knees are in line with your ankles.
Variation: Lie with your chest over the back of a chair so that you take less power from your upper body.

4. Standing calf lifting with weight

Difficulty: Easily
You train: Your calves, trunk stability and balance
Pay attention: Keep your hips stable while standing on your toes.
Variation – light: Support yourself with one hand.
Variation – Heavy: Try to lift your calf with one leg.


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