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Ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph? What body type do you have and what does that mean for your training? We will tell you everything.

The origin of the 3 body types

Contrary to what you might think at first, the 3 body types are a theory from psychology . In 1942, William Sheldon, based on his personal observations, made a connection between physical characteristics and personal characteristics of people. This theory is now considered invalidated and would no longer be of interest to science.

Today, the 3 body types are mainly used to describe the physique of a person. Especially for fitness training, training advice is often given on the basis of these body types. You can read the pros and cons of the 3 different body types and the corresponding training advice here.

even the training advice for the different body types has not been scientifically proven . You should see it as advice for the problem zone of the particular body type and not as a fixed training theory.

The ectomorphic body type

Ectomorphic body types are people who are remarkably tall and thin . Their arms and legs are long and their torso is relatively short. Shoulders and chest are also quite narrow.

The ectomorphic type has a good metabolism , stores very little fat , comes on with difficulty and is therefore also called hard gainer during training.


  • Low body fat percentage
  • As a result, quickly formed
  • Can eat a lot without gaining weight
  • A good body shape with the right training, thanks to the narrow waist


  • Muscle building is slow
  • Body is easily overloaded
  • Needs a lot of recovery

Strength training for the ectomorphic type

Since the ectomorphic body type is difficult to build muscle, training with fewer reps (6-8), longer breaks (2 minutes between sets), but heavier weights is recommended. Basic exercises and various isolation exercises should be built into the training.

Fitness food for the ectomorphic type

  • Creatine
  • Whey Protein
  • Instant Oats
  • Recovery Aminos

The mesomorphic body type

People with an athletic physique have a mesomorphic body type . Their upper body is relatively longer and forms a distinct V-shape in men and an hourglass figure in women. Chest and shoulders are quite wide with a narrow waist.


  • Muscles are built and maintained quickly
  • Fat is stored slowly and burned again quickly
  • Quick recovery


  • Natural disposition of the mesomorphic body type results in reduced motivation.

Strength training for the mesomorphic type

For the athletic body type, a varied workout with several repetitions (8 – 12) is helpful. Due to the faster reps, the pauses can also be slightly shorter (1 minute). The exercises can range from isolation exercises to a full-body workout.

Fitness food for the mesomorphic type

  • Energy Aminos
  • Protein Bars
  • Protein Flakes

The endomorphic body type

Endomorphic body types are people who have a rounder appearance. Arms and legs are slightly shorter and both the center of the body and the hips are wider. The higher fat content makes the muscles appear softer than in ectomorphic and mesomorphic body types.


  • Quickly builds muscle mass
  • Recovers quickly


  • Slow metabolism
  • Stores fat very quickly
  • Difficulty making muscles visible

Strength training for the endomorphic body type

The endomorphic body type builds muscle particularly quickly, but also stores fat quickly. For this reason, training the whole body with multiple reps (12-15) and less weight for strength and endurance is best. For example, HIIT workouts are very effective because of the intensive afterburning effect or cardio training with a moderate load.

Fitness food for the endomorphic type

  • Whey Protein
  • Shape Caps
  • Energy Aminos
  • L-carnitine


  • The 3 body types are for global orientation only
  • They come from psychology and have no sports science foundation
  • Although every body type has training advice, you should always follow the basics of healthy training.
  • The calorie intake determines whether you lose weight or gain weight.

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