Team sports makes your training twice as fun!

Team sports makes your training

Do you think training alone is boring? Do you want action, fun and motivation? Perfect, find a sports buddy and achieve your goals together. Here you already have 8 cool exercises to train as a team.

Do you usually no longer feel like dragging yourself to the gym from work? Do you find it boring to train alone at home? How about team sports with a strong group that gets you through and motivates you to continue ?

A team almost automatically motivates you to achieve your goals together . Our foodspring family has also become a huge community in which everyone achieves their goals together. The group consists of all our fans on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. And of course our competitive athletes and champions.

8 reasons why you can achieve more in a team than alone

1. It provides motivation

As soon as you start training  with a group in which you feel comfortable, you will automatically feel like exercising . Why? That makes a lot of sense. You meet people that you like and you supportand in achieving your goals . And you have no excuse not to go.

The training group also relies on you. For most people the sense of duty to their team also increases their own discipline . Just give it a try.

2. You will find many training buddies

You might get to know a few people at the gym. But that cannot be compared with real team training. Here you have groups that go to extremes several times a week and challenge each other over and over again .

Most people are very social and open to new acquaintances . In the gym, most people are much more self-focused than new contacts. And at home? You certainly won’t meet new people there!

Train together

3. It gives you confidence

The feeling that you can find your way in a new group with completely unknown people, that you are part of the group and make new friends, strengthens your confidence . This automatically works in other situations .

4. You know what you can do

When you train at home, you only see your own performance. In the gym you may see how much weight other athletes are pushing up, but you have no idea how long they have been training for this. If you train in a group, you can always talk to your sports buddies. So you have a completely different basis for comparing yourself. And you get a completely different awareness of your own performance.

Train together

5. Your team motivates you when you can no longer do it

If you train at home and are no longer able to, just take a longer break. In the gym you pack a little less weight or do a few reps less. If you train in a group, that becomes difficult. You don’t want to be left behind with your training buddies.

That means always keep going, even if you can’t anymore. Your trainer and teammates will keep pushing you . And that is exactly what pushes you to the limit every time and ensures faster success .

6. You get more body awareness

Team training often includes partner exercises . Sometimes you are thrown in the deep end with people you don’t even know. You have to do different exercises together and help , hold, carry or support each other. This automatically ensures that you are less inhibited to touch other people . And your body awareness for other people improves .

Train together

7. More feedback. More success

If you train at home alone , you probably wo n’t get any feedback at all . And let’s face it, most gyms don’t provide a whole lot of support for athletes. If you train as a team , you will not only receive feedback from your coach, but also from your teammates.

By exchanging with your sports buddy and other like-minded people from your team you keep learning new tricks . They correct you when you do a move incorrectly and show you new cool exercises. In this way you keep making progress and develop yourself .

8. Celebrating successes together is more fun

Improving yourself always feels good. But once you start training with a partner, these successes are twice the fun! You celebrate your buddy’s successes and he celebrates yours. This motivates you and ensures that you have even more fun during the training.

8 exercises that are twice as fun when you train together

# 1 Partner Pushups with Hand Clap

Train together
Difficulty: Medium
You train: Triceps, shoulders, chest and core stability
Pay attention: While clapping your hands, consciously tighten your abdominal muscles to keep your core stable.

# 2 Jumping Partner Lunges

Train together
Difficulty: Medium
You train: Your butt and leg muscles
Pay attention: Make sure to land as softly as possible. Make sure your knees are straight behind your toes.

# 3 Hand clap sit-ups

Train together
Difficulty: Easy
You train: Straight abs and hip flexors
Pay attention: Hook your feet onto your teammate’s lower legs. Make sure to keep your back straight throughout the exercise.

# 4 Wheelbarrow

Train together
Difficulty: Difficult
You train: Coordination , shoulder stability and core
Pay attention: Consciously tighten your stomach so that your back does not slack. Keep your shoulders stable and don’t take more strides than you can handle.

# 5 Carry on your back

Train together
Difficulty: Easy
You train: Leg muscles and core stability
Pay attention: Lean forward slightly to balance the weight. Keep your back straight and contract your abs to maintain body tension.

# 6 Throwing Leg Raises

Train together
Difficulty: Easy
You train: Abs and hip flexors
Pay attention: Tighten your stomach consciously to avoid a hollow back.

# 7 Tuck Jump about your partner

Train together
Difficulty: Medium
You train: Supporting person: shoulder and core stability
Jumping person: leg and abdominal muscles and shoulder stability and coordination
Pay attention: The jumping person is allowed to jump until he or she feels confident – to avoid hitting the partner.

# 8 Jump Over Shelf Burpees

Train together
Difficulty: Difficult
You train: Shelf: shoulder and core stability
Burpee: whole body
Pay attention: Jump over your partner until you feel secure so you don’t injure yourself and your partner.



  • Training with a team is good for your discipline and motivation.
  • There are plenty of training buddies to be found.
  • Celebrating successes together is twice as much fun.
  • Training together increases your self-confidence.

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