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Eating sweets without a bad conscience , what a dream! Thanks to all the “light” and “zero” products, this dream seems to have come true. But can you really enjoy unlimited enjoyment with these sugar substitutes 

Slimming products – allow nearly calorie-free products

Sweeteners can be a useful aid to reduce your energy intake, for example before a diet . Because the sweet taste is retained in foods, especially in drinks, many foods can be consumed in a low-calorie form .

 “Light” and “zero” – are synthetic or natural compounds

Sugar substitutes or sweeteners are synthetically produced or natural compounds . They serve as energy-free sugar substitutes , which means they have virtually no calories . At the same time, they have a higher sweetening power than the more traditional sucrose, so that only a very small amount is enough to achieve the same taste quality. Sugar substitutes are often added to foods to save calories . This can be especially helpful for those looking to lose weight.

Fruit sugar – fruits and vegetables contain sugar in the form of fructose

As little as possible sugar food is worth it. However, we recommend a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables as a basis for any diet . Fruits and vegetables naturally contain sugar in the form of fructose . Still, you should definitely not leave this alone, but treat yourself to 5 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables a day.

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Hunger – sweeteners don’t necessarily have to make you hungry

It is widely believed that “light” or “zero” products induce an uncontrollable appetite. The reason for this is that the sweet taste causes a cephalic insulin response and then a drop in the blood glucose level . This, in turn, leads to an increased appetite due to the unintentional low-calorie diet . However, this assumption has not been scientifically proven. We recommend eating low- sugar foods in moderation and always ensuring a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

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