Stronger, faster, longer… build your fitness in the right way

build your fitness

Building fitness means working on more than just your stamina. In this article you can read what is meant by fitness and how you can improve your fitness effectively.

What exactly does building your fitness mean?

The most important thing first, building your fitness does n’t mean you just have to work on your stamina . Fitness is not the same as stamina. But your stamina is part of your fitness .

Your condition says something about your physical performance. You could also say: your general resilience . It is the result of strength endurance speed mobility and coordination . And that is precisely why you have to do much more than run regularly or cycle as many kilometers as possible.

Sports that build up fitness

Most sports require a healthy mix of strength, endurance, speed, agility and coordination. However, training all five skills at the same time is very difficult and can only succeed with a good training plan . That is why you will find a number of sports here that are particularly suitable for building up your fitness.

Weight training

Strength and fitness are a good way to get power to improve . For your body, stronger muscles have the advantage that movements and activities are also easier in your daily life .

In addition, your muscles also have a protective and supportive effect on your joints and, if you do them correctly, they also ensure a better posture . Even runners benefit from regular strength training and can improve endurance and speed with the right exercises.


Stamina is a very important part of your fitness. The best way to train your stamina is with classic endurance sports such as running, swimming and cycling. But also inline skating, rowing or the cross trainer are ideal to improve your endurance.

With good basic endurance , your body will be able to perform for longer . This helps you to achieve better performance in almost any sport and makes your daily life a lot easier .


You can train your speed in many different ways. Firstly, you can improve your speed with endurance training . But you can also train your reaction speed and your speed strength .

Ball and team sports such as football, basketball or hockey are particularly suitable for this. In all three sports you have to react very quickly, but at the same time you need well-trained acceleration and starting power for shots, throws and passes.


One element that is often neglected is mobility . Many sports do not attach great importance to mobility. Good mobility helps you to keep your body awareness to improve and efficiently to move .

Gymnasts, dancers, yogis and martial artists know exactly how important good mobility is. However, it is important to simultaneously also your muscles need strengthening because excessive mobility can lead to injuries if your muscles are weak.


Coordination is a skill that you should always train in a way that suits your sport . A martial artist performs very different movements than, for example, a runner. While running may seem easy at first glance, there are many coordination exercises to improve your running style and become faster and more durable.

Workouts for a better condition

A good fitness training plan , suitable for your sport, is very comprehensive and must be drawn up by a personal trainer or your sports coach. If you want to improve your fitness training forms such as HIIT , Tabata and circuit training are particularly suitable.


  • Building fitness is more than just improving your stamina.
  • Fitness consists of strength, endurance, speed, agility and coordination.
  • Training one of these 5 areas also affects the other areas.
  • The easiest way to build fitness is with HIIT and circuit training.

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