Start your day fit! 7 tips for a good night’s sleep


The alarm clock rings and you don’t feel fit at all, while you have really slept enough? We have a few useful tips for you, so that you can start your day fresh and relaxed in the morning.

What is a good night’s sleep?

Your sleep-wake rhythm has a rhythm of 24 hours . Many important processes in our body are repeated in this pattern – including your sleep .

The hormone melatonin determines when you get tired. As soon as it gets dark, your body produces more melatonin. Your body starts producing melatonin about two hours before your normal bedtime. And while you sleep, production gradually decreases as well.

This explains why you often feel tired and lethargic in winter . It is dark longer and therefore your melatonin production is more active than in the summer.

Melatonin formation can also be disturbed by other causes.

You probably recognize the following situation: You have been working on an important project until late at night. The next morning do you lie down for a while and wake up a few hours later? As a result, you can no longer sleep in the evening and you cannot get burned the next morning …

Then it may well be that your natural rhythm , your biological clock , is confused. A short night with too little sleep and then you feel broken . And no matter how long (or rather: how short) you slept, it is difficult to concentrate the next day .

We have listed our favorite tips for a good night’s sleep for you . So from now on you can start the day fresh and rested!

Tips for a good night’s sleep

# 1 Provide as little light as possible

Avoid a lot of light before going to sleep, especially blue light. 

Any kind of light affects your sleep-wake rhythm . Your mobile phone and tablet emit a blue light . If your eyes are exposed to too much blue light in the evening, it slows down the production of melatonin .

Your sleep-wake rhythm shifts, making you feel even more tired in the morning.

# 2 Not too hot or too cold

Make sure your bedroom is neither too cold nor too warm . The ideal temperature is about 18-21 ° C .

Your biological clock also affects your body temperature. It drops to a minimum when you sleep and rises again when you get up . If you are too hot or too cold while sleeping, it can affect the quality of your sleep and you will not wake up rested in the morning.

# 3 Don’t exercise anymore

Not entirely natural, but you shouldn’t exercise right before going to sleep. Not only does exercise release endorphins and dopamine , but your body temperature also changes .

Do you want to do something good for your body before going to sleep? Then choose a quiet activity and get ready for relaxation. We recommend a relaxed yoga session or, for example, a light meditation .

# 4 drink less coffee

Drink less coffee in the evening . Coffee has been shown to slow down melatonin production and thus can also disrupt your sleep-wake rhythm . You fall asleep later and when you wake up feeling more tired than usual.

Our tip : Replace your last cup of coffee of the day with a cup of herbal tea.

# 5 relax well in the evening

Give yourself time to completely unwind in the evening. Close any tabs you still have open and let go of what you should have finished today.

Do you find it difficult to really end your day ? Then write down three things you did today and things to think about tomorrow. This ensures an empty head and a more relaxed night .

# 6 daily routine

Man is a creature of habit . Therefore, for a restful night, it is best to always go to sleep and get up at the same time. If you manage to make it a daily routine , you may not even need an alarm clock anymore.

Did you know that you subconsciously associate the sound of your alarm clock with stress? So it’s worth changing your alarm tone from time to time.

# 7 Don’t drink too much

Make sure you don’t drink anything 1-2 hours before going to sleep . The urge to go to the toilet is one of the most common reasons people feel disturbed in their sleep.

Try not to drink alcohol at all . Adequate sleep is very important for regeneration and muscle building. At first, drinking alcohol makes you tired. However, your sleep quality is demonstrably reduced. And after drinking alcohol, you wake up more often while sleeping. Your sleep rhythm is also interrupted and in general you sleep less long due to the alcohol.

# 8 opt for a light dinner

Before going to bed, avoid foods that are difficult to digest or eat large meals at night. Instead, opt for foods that promote a good night’s sleep .


• Your biological clock has a 24-hour rhythm
• Melatonin determines when you get tired
• Avoid lots of light, drinks, hard workouts and heavy meals and thus promote your sleep

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