Snacking well, how do you do that? 6 useful tips!

Snacking well, how do you do that? 6 useful tips!
Snacking is healthy. That is, if you do it right. We have listed 6 valuable snack tips for you.


Snacking, yes or no? Opinions are divided on this. We say very clearly: yes. As long as you do it right. Smart snacking will help you endure your lunch dip, shortens the time between meals can save you from cravings .

It also helps you when you’re trying to shed a few pounds. In a muscle building phase, high-calorie snacks provide the necessary calories in a targeted manner.

However, the how and what of snacking plays a big role if you want to integrate healthy snacks into your daily life. Our 6 tips show you what to pay attention to.


Question your habits

Chips for the TV. A nice dessert after dinner. A slice of cake with your coffee. But why actually? Because you are hungry? Out of boredom? Or just because you always do it that way? Not a good reason either.

Ask yourself why you are snacking. If it’s a habit, boredom or stress, don’t do it. As long as you are not hungry, your body does not necessarily need calories. Unless you are in the mass phase or if you need to rediscover your hunger pangs.

Choose a snack of up to 200-300 kcal

A snack is not a main meal. The number of calories must therefore be considerably lower. Preferably between 200-300 kcal with 10-20 grams of protein and a good portion of fiber . And if it also contains vitamins , you have found the perfect snack.

Sounds complicated? No, it is not. Protein bars score points with 20 grams of protein per serving. Crunchy Fruits still contain 80% of their original vitamins . And Nuts & Berries combine a whole range of different nutritious ingredients . And you, too, fiber.

Snacking does n’t mean you have to eat non-stop . That will only upset your body. It’s much more about evenly supplying your body with energy throughout the day. And that you can easily bridge the time between two meals.Make sure you have a “snack plan”

At best, your snack should halve the time between two main meals . So choose something that will keep you going until the next meal. Protein and fiber snacks are always a good idea.


Proteins instead of sugar

Sweet snacks made from simple carbohydrates mess up your blood sugar. This can make you feel constantly hungry and eat a lot more than you need to. In addition, classic candies rarely contain valuable nutrients.

If you really need something sweet, go for fresh fruit dried fruit with no added sugar, or a protein bar.

They are usually made from fruit juice concentrate and contain a lot of sugar , especially fructose. Isolated fructose added to a smoothie is no healthier than the classic table sugar. And unlike fresh fruit, many smoothies often contain only a fraction of the original fiber.Forget ready-to-eat smoothies

If you are craving fresh fruit then great. Eat a piece of fruit or make your own fresh fruit smoothie .

Whatever you eat, focus on it. Even the best snack is completely useless if you don’t even realize you’re eating it. Another bar of chocolate for the laptop? Or were it two?Concentrate on your snacks

Take a few minutes to enjoy your snack and eat it consciously . This way you give your head and body the chance to notice that you are eating something tasty and you support the feeling of satiety.

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