Protein Consumption: Proteins in our diet

protein Consumption

Protein, or protein. Everyone knows what it is, everyone needs it. But how much protein do we actually eat? And where does it come from? High time for a few facts about protein eating.

Proteins help you to achieve your dream figure. Proteins are essential for your training results. But where do we get our protein from? And what about internationally? We took a close look at it.

Animal protein

On average, we consume about 99 g of protein per day . The main source of protein is animal products , such as meat and dairy products.

Women generally get more protein through dairy than meat. Men, the hunters among us, eat an average of 103 g of meat per day.

Fish plays a much less important role. We get even more protein through soups or non-alcoholic drinks.

Bread: the secret protein source

Bread is quite important in our culture. No wonder it is the third most important protein source in our country. More than 10% of our protein is obtained from delicious bread products.

Protein consumption

Proteins make up 11% of our diet worldwide. 4 The protein content in our diet is between 11%  and 14%.

Globally, people consume an average of 65% of their protein from grains.

In North America and other industrialized countries, however, as much as 68% of protein comes from animal sources.

Protein in everyday life

People who don’t eat a lot of meat or who don’t drink protein shakes on a regular basis have the chance of getting low in protein . But with a little attention, it is easy to increase the amount of protein in your diet.

Protein-rich foods

Hemp seed, for example, is a winner with 37 g of protein per 100 g, but peanuts and pumpkin seeds also account for just under 25 g. Legumes and nuts generally provide a lot of protein and can be included in any meal.

Add some seeds to your Protein Porridge , have a salad with legumes for lunch and eat green vegetables with chickpea paste and a peanut sauce in the evening . Add some chicken or tofu and your body will be supplied with the best quality proteins.

And if you don’t have time, protein shakes are the perfect nutrient combination for any purpose.

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