Problems with losing weight – the 8 most common challenges

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Do you also find it difficult to lose weight? We asked our nutritionists about the most common challenges on the road to weight loss. In this article, we’ll discuss the 8 most common weight loss problems and share a few helpful tips with you.

Anyone who has ever tried a diet knows the problems you face. The trick is often in the details. We asked our nutritionists which issues are most commonly complained about. The challenge appears to lie mainly in the organization of daily life. And that is why we have listed a few useful tips for you.

No time to cook

Eating fresh and healthy food is not always easy and is a common problem in weight loss. Cooking a little more less often is an easy way to help you eat a healthier diet. Whenever you cook, prepare something for several days. 1x cooking. 3x food . Don’t feel like eating the same thing three times in a row? Then freeze a few small portions. After a few times of cooking, you have plenty of choice in your freezer .

If you go out to eat during a diet, you need discipline: you will also find low-calorie alternatives to pasta and the like on the menu almost everywhere . Salads and fresh vegetables, for example with legumes or other protein-rich side dishes, are your favorites.

I don’t feel like or have time to have breakfast

One wakes up and is looking forward to a nice egg, the other does not want to think about food for the time being: breakfast. But the fact is, especially for weight loss, breakfast helps to create a good foundation for the day and prevent hunger pangs and oversized portions at lunch .

I am not able to get enough protein

Especially if you are a pasta and bread lover, the amount of protein recommended for a diet often seems unattainable. But with a few simple tricks you can quickly increase the protein content : try our delicious recipes with chia seeds as an alternative to muesli, pasta made from protein-rich legumes instead of semolina or – very simply – drink 1 or 2 Protein Shakes per day.

It’s tricky to get something healthy on the go

That’s true. Unfortunately. The only thing that helps is good preparation. Nuts and berries provide you with healthy fats and proteins. High-quality dried fruit satisfies sweet cravings and protein-rich drinks such as Coco-whey are a first aid for extreme cravings .

Raw vegetables not only taste great when you dip them in organic peanut butter , but they also make you feel full and provide you with the necessary protein. And so we can go on for a while. Think about what you’re likely to feel like along the way, what’s most convenient to take with you, and prepare for that.

I feel like something sweet. And not in dried fruit

Sometimes it just has to be chocolate. Your body will gradually get used to eating less sweets and sweets on its own. But sometimes you just have to, and then chocolate is okay too. The best you can then choose r aw chocolate , it often contains less sugar healthier fat and more nutrients than conventional milk chocolate.

Not only deliciously sweet, but also very good are our homemade Chocolate Protein Cookies . This way you get rid of your relentless cravings for chocolate and immediately provide you with proteins. If you don’t have time to bake, just stir some protein into the yogurt and add a handful of fresh fruit.

I have tried everything. Nothing works

Our nutritionists often hear that a diet starts very successfully. But after three weeks, there is no more progress. The weight stagnates and nothing seems to help anymore.

Often too few calories are eaten, especially at the start of a diet. This way, you are fooling your body and feeling starved. This causes your body to desperately store every calorie it gets instead of breaking down fat.

Therefore, it is important that you clearly define your goals before starting any diet, and that you adjust your daily calorie intake to meet these goals. Only if you know exactly where you want to go can you find the right way to your goal. This is different for everyone and you cannot achieve with just a calorie deficit.

It is in my genes that I cannot lose weight

That’s true: not everyone gets super petite. Just like not everyone gets super muscled. Yet we all have the potential for positive change . As with the “nothing helps” problem, the first thing to do is define your goal. And this goal must be realistic. This includes accepting yourself and your body.

You will only be successful in the long run if you listen to and work with your body – not against it . That doesn’t mean that you should sit on the couch with the first drop of rain instead of putting on your sneakers. The chance that your inner bastard is trying to outsmart you is relatively high.

The best way to become aware of your own body and what it really needs is through trial and error, discipline, and the will to step out of your comfort zone and question your old habits.

Not every goal and concept suits every body and every life. The challenge is to find the way in the field of sports and nutrition that works for you and that makes you feel comfortable. Our nutrition and training experts are happy to support you.

I don’t have time to exercise

Last but not least, the weight loss problem that our experts hear most often by far: no time to exercise. The answer is uncomfortable, but if you really want it, you will find the time for it .

Watching television for half an hour in the evening? The perfect time to go for a run. Are you too tired at night? Then go to sleep and get up early the next day to run or take the bike to school, university or work.

Would you like to, but jogging is not quite your thing and your work is too far away? Also no gym, swimming pool or outdoor pool nearby? Nobody wants to exercise with you on a regular basis? That is indeed difficult for motivation. Fortunately, there are plenty of training courses that you can easily do on your own, anytime, anywhere, and that don’t even cost money . With a few simple tips, you can get a lot done with just 20 minutes of exercise every other day . And to be honest, you do have that time. Not true?*

It doesn’t always have to be fitness: team sports, dancing or yoga are also useful forms of exercise. The key is to find the type of exercise that works best for you .

* Exception: in case of severe musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disorders or very severe obesity, consult a professional trainer or doctor before starting.

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