Post workout – the do’s and don’ts

after workout

Your training is  there  for. And now  back to  the  normal life So easy is it  unfortunate  enough not How you  eat ,  sleep  and  live after your workout has major consequences Here you will  find  our  top 3 do’s and don’ts  after  your training.          

What you  do after  your workout is  important The  more  you workout, the more  important  it is  to  you  then  the  right choice is . Eating and  recovery . Those are  the  factors  that  determine how much you benefit  from your workout. Or  just not so .      

post workout is just as important

The idea that an intensive  workout  compensates for dissolute  weekend   is  unfortunately not valid Naturally  helps regular  training to  basic condition  to  be build But who   really  fit would be ,  should be step further to go That  means to  you  after  your workout  also  constant  choices must   do you get fitness benefits. 

Do’s & Don’ts  after  your Training 

1. Don’t:  fast . Do: Snack. 

Nach dem Training: Learner Teller vs. Protein gel

The persistent idea is that starvation after exercise could help burn fat. 

The fact is, the number 1 calorie killer is muscle. And you only build it up if you have enough energy. Whether it’s muscle definition or muscle building: after your workout, your body needs protein-rich nutrition . With a snack, you prevent binge eating later on and you give your body what it needs. 

Why  are protein rich foods  or snacks  , such as a protein bar  or  protein shakes after  your workout  is always good choice .     

Who in particular  its strength ,  speed and aerobic fitness training ,  should also     healthy carbohydrate  food They support  the  protein synthesis  and  give  your  muscles  the  energy  they  need have  to  to grow For the extra  portion of fiber  and  micronutrients are vegetables , fruits, superfoods and  whole grains – and pseudocereals  very  suitable . 

2. Don’t:  Isotonic drinks  and  coffee . Do: Water and  green  tea. 

Nach dem Training: Isodrink vs. Wasserflasche

Have  you ever iso drink  in  natural color view No, neither do we Classic iso drinks contain a lot of chemical additives Especially if you just continue snacking ,  have  you  no more need  than water. After the  exercise  is your cortisol levels increased The  industrial sugar  in  classic iso drinks    maintains this level And  it picks up negative from  the  muscle  and your  recovery The same goes for coffee . The  alternative  is  green  tea  

Water is of  great importance  in  the  reduction  of  metabolism products  that slow down your  recovery It  makes sure to  the  nutrients  in the  right place right out  and  which  you  hydrated remains .         

3. Don’t: Skip nights  . Do: Sleep.

Nach dem Training: Wache Nächte vs. Schlaf

The days when you could still brag about how little you had slept is now really over. And especially for athletes. It is simply not possible to operate at full capacity day and night . Training demands a lot from your body and causes micro injuries in your muscles.

In order to be able to keep it up better next time, your body not only recovers, but you also build up more muscle fibers after an intensive workout. The so-called super compensation takes place. That just doesn’t work during exercise or stress. Therefore, if you want to get better, you need to rest . Physically and mentally.

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