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Functionality, fun and community are still very much loved this winter. You can read which sports are very popular this winter here:

Functionality and Intensive Workouts

The popularity of the trendy functional training and intensive workouts also continues this year. Together in a group or in a competition against other participants. This training concept can mainly be seen in the gym. But sports events also use this development to set up a competition for anyone who likes to combine functional training with HIIT training .

Personalized Fitness & Nutrition

Not so much a trendy sport, but a trend in sport and training are personalized training and nutrition plans. More and more people understand that every body is different and that it therefore needs a personal plan. More and more people are asking for advice.

Personal trainers and nutritionists no longer rely solely on direct contact with customers. Social media and various online tools allow them to advise their customers from anywhere.

Skill training

On social media you often see fragments and “best of’s” of the latest trends in sports. Whether yoga, calisthenics or parkour, you will find new and unusual exercises everywhere.

It encourages more people to own the necessary new skills to learn . Especially the head and handstand are practiced a lot in many gyms.

Mobility and Fascia training

The awareness for a healthy body is increasing. More and more people realize that muscles alone are not enough to feel healthy and supple. Therefore, before training, mobility exercises are done to open the joints and prepare the muscles for the coming load.

After your workout and on your days off, you can use a fascia roller to loosen up the tense muscles to support your recovery .

Bouldering & Yoga

While boot camps and outdoor sports are extremely popular in the summer, sports, training and activities in the winter are increasingly shifting indoors. Bouldering and yoga are also popular sports this winter. Especially popular are the yoga styles such as acro and aerial yoga.

In acro-yoga you train various acrobatic postures together with a partner. While one partner is on the ground, he supports the other partner with his feet and keeps them in the air. Various other postures are practiced from this basic position.

Aerial yoga is a modern yoga style in which traditional yoga postures are practiced in a cloth tied to the ceiling. All kinds of new movements are possible by working with the cloth . At the same time, the hanging and slightly rocking movement creates a relaxing effect .


  • Functional training and HIIT remain popular.
  • Personalized training and nutrition plans are on the rise.
  • More and more people want to learn headstand, handstand, etc.
  • Mobility and fascia training is in.
  • Bouldering, acro and aerial yoga are new popular sports this winter.

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