Persevere if you are having a hard time with these 5 tips

the right mindset

The key to success is the right mindset. This way you get further than you ever imagined! We tell you how it works.

In fact, you have already given everything. Your leg muscles are burning, your arms are limp and your wrist is quite high. You want to continue. But the last two reps just don’t work. Another round of running? Not today. Your legs can no longer. But are you sure it’s your legs?

Probably not. Usually it is the will that is lacking when things get really tough. And that makes sense. Because why would you torture yourself if you’ve already given it all? But your mind is already asking this question when your body has not even reached its limits.

You have to answer the question “why” in detail yourself. If you don’t have any reason to push your limits, you can of course just stretch out on the couch after an intensive training. But do you want to achieve more ? Do you want to look even better? Then you need mental power to also complete the last part of your training. The last mile is the hardest part.

The good thing is that you can train mental power . Just like your muscles. Our 5 tips will help you with this.

Train your Mindset – 5 Tips

1. Visualize your goal

Many top athletes visualize their goals. These three steps are essential for this.

# 1 Make your goal concrete.
What is your target? Do 5 squats with 90 kg? Maintain a tough workout? 10 km walk within 40 minutes? Formulate your goal as precisely as possible. It must be ambitious, but realistic.

# 2 Imagine what it will be like when you reach your goal.
How will you feel when you reach your goal? What does this contribute to your overall goal? For example, building muscle mass in the long term or losing 3 kg of body fat.

# 3 Keep your goal in mind.
If you think you can’t keep up, think about your goal. And think again about the feeling you will have when you achieve it.

Trainierter Mann visualisiert sein Ziel während des Workouts
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2. Stay focused

You are in the middle of your workout. And you can no longer. Really? You have two options: whine and stop or just keep going. The fact is, the longer you nag, the longer it will take you to reach your goal.

Concentrate on your goal and achieving it. And don’t get distracted by the pain.

For example: You want to walk 10 km. At kilometer 8 you can no longer. You can now try to complete the remaining 2 kilometers with a bad feeling. Or you give full throttle again and make an effort to get to the finish line faster.

3. Think positively

“It does not work.” Stop! “ I can do this! Is your new mantra . Whenever you think you can’t do it anymore, replace this thought with “I can do this!” Because why couldn’t you?

If you find this difficult at first, think about tough workouts (or other situations in your life) that you’ve already mastered, even though you thought you would never succeed. So if this has worked, why should this workout today fail?

Mann geht beim Training über sich hinaus
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4. Tackle all obstacles

Think about why your training could fail. Which part of the training will be the most physically challenging for you? Where will your thoughts make it difficult for you? Decide before the training how you want to go about it. Implement this strategy as soon as it gets tough for you. For example, you can visualize your goal.

5. Train together

Nothing is less true. Find a workout buddy. Motivate and push each other, make small competitions and help each other when the going gets tough. Most importantly, have fun !

Mind vs. Body

Mental training can have a huge effect. Many records in top sport would be unthinkable without the right mindset. Your thoughts and inner mindset can help you master your workout and still achieve your goal, which seems so far away.

But: Listen to your body . Even if you are already an experienced athlete and you have doubts about overexerting yourself, stop. At the latest, stop exercising if your joints or bones start to hurt.

Muscles can endure a lot. However, if the pain gets so intense during the workout that it feels wrong, stop it anyway. When in doubt, always consult an experienced trainer. No goal should be worth the effort to sustain an injury.

If you are new to the sport and cannot properly judge when your body is getting exhausted, get a little more experience first. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort. On the contrary.

But before going to extremes, the most important thing is that the technique and the precise execution of all movements are correct. Work with experienced trainers, especially in the beginning. And test your own limits.

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