Out of your comfort zone – that’s how you do it!

Out of your comfort zone

Your daily life is repeating itself and you feel like you can’t break through the usual grind? We show you what your comfort zone is and how to leave it.

What is your comfort zone?

You get up, go to work and then go to the gym: your daily life is characterized by routines that repeat themselves at regular intervals. Your behavior falls within your comfort zone. Here you feel safe and make decisions without stress and uncertainty .

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But not all comfort zones are the same. Everyone has their own comfort zone .
An example: for you it is absolutely no challenge to give a lecture to a large group of people. But someone else can look like a mountain against that and anything but their comfort zone.

The comfort zone is therefore nothing more than a self-imposed limit . Studies show that your long-term personality development and performance stagnate if your behavior is only within your comfort zone. You do not develop further and important doors remain closed.

Do you want to grow further and learn new things? Then you have no choice but to step out of your comfort zone.

Learning zone and danger zone

Leave your comfort zone. According to the findings of learning psychology, you can quickly overshoot your goal. In learning psychology these are called two zones .

The learning zone:

You are trading in unfamiliar territory and you feel insecure. Making decisions costs you more energy. The learning zone is the area where you have the potential to grow in your tasks and learn new things . You break through routines and are challenged.

The danger zone:

Unlike the learning zone , the danger zone is a zone where you are overwhelmed . Your tasks are unknown or unclear . You feel intimidated and the feeling of panic predominates. Your escape instinct dominates. In such situations, the learning effect is completely absent.

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Picture this: You want to start running and register for the next half marathon in your home town. In two months you have to prepare for 21 kilometers. You soon find out that not only your joints need time to get used to the new load. You panic a bit and you wonder: Wouldn’t a race of 10 kilometers be enough to start with?

Intensive training phases demand a lot from you and your body. Therefore, give your muscles readily available carbohydrates and essential amino acids after training . With Recovery Aminos you give your body back what you asked for during training.

So it’s important to find the perfect level of challenge for you. We show you how to take small steps towards your learning zone in everyday life without overwhelming yourself.

Hop, out of your comfort zone!

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Worst case scenario

You want to run a half marathon, learn a new language or change jobs.
Ask yourself what could happen in the worst case.
Think of your “worst case scenario” when you leave your comfort zone. You will see that no consequence is as bad as the thought of not daring to take the step.

Small steps

Nobody expects you to give up all your routines overnight.
Do you want to learn to speak to a large audience without fear?
We recommend not taking the big step right away, but smaller steps spread over a longer period. For example, start speaking in front of a colleague, and then with a handful of people. Learn to get rid of your fear and love the feeling of stepping out of your comfort zone.

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Over time it gets easier and you get closer to your goal. If you really feel comfortable speaking in front of your colleagues, dare speak in front of an international audience.

No excuses

It’s too cold, you’re too tired. We always have an apology ready quickly. Moreover, it is much too cozy in our comfort zone.
Be honest with yourself and learn to distinguish those quick excuses from real reasons. For this, put yourself in the role of an observer.
Ask yourself what you would advise your best friend in this situation.


Think of the feeling afterwards. It’s a bit like a rollercoaster ride. At first you feel uncomfortable and insecure. After that, you are full of adrenaline and you can’t wait to push your feel-good threshold again.
Think of the added value you generate if you regularly leave your comfort zone. To get out of your comfort zone, always associate this with positive thinking.

Say yes more often

Join a panel discussion, go out of town for the weekend to an event where you don’t know anyone. Say yes more often and rise above yourself.


      • Your comfort zone is where you feel comfortable.
      • In your comfort zone you make safe decisions without risks.
      • If you want to learn new things and grow, it makes sense to step out of your comfort zone.
      • Make sure you take baby steps outside of your comfort zone or you can quickly overwhelm yourself.

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