No muscle growth without muscle pain – True or False?

muscle growth

Have you ever wondered if muscle pain is necessary to build muscle? Or that your workout has been effective without muscle pain?

The myth of acidification

Previous scientific results suggest that muscle pain is caused by a byproduct of anaerobic energy supplies called lactate. It is true that more lactic acids are produced as a metabolic by-product with vigorous muscle exertion. Nevertheless, acidification of your muscles due to increased lactate production is not the cause of the muscle pain .

Lactate has a half-life of 20 minutes. Muscle pain develops 12 to 48 hours after exercise. Therefore, muscle pain is unlikely to develop from acidification.

Still, too much lactate in your muscles is not good for muscle function, because a falling pH in your muscles inhibits enzymes that are responsible for muscle contraction. This results in reduced performance, which in turn results in weaker muscles.

Our tip for a quick recovery

If your muscles burn after a workout, we recommend Recovery Aminos . Your success doesn’t end in the gym. amino acids give your muscles back the energy they used during the workout.

How does muscle pain arise?

With intensive muscle tension, small tears occur in your muscle fibers that, depending on the size, can develop into muscle pain. In some cases there is even an inflammatory reaction of the muscles.

The cause of the pain in your muscles has not yet been fully investigated. Still, we know what promotes muscle pain:

  • Unusual movements
  • Intensive effort
  • Negative (eccentric) muscle movement
  • Spasmodic reverse movement
  • Shortage of minerals and vitamins

Muscle pain often occurs when you perform an unusual movement very intensively. Which is often the case with a new training schedule or unusual exercises.

Uncontrolled movements and spasmodic changes in the direction of movement during an exercise can also cause sore muscles.

The susceptibility to muscle pain depends on your performance level. Beginners are more likely to experience muscle pain due to unusual movements. This problem disappears as the body adapts to the new movement pattern and muscle building. Your muscles will become stronger and the recovery period will also be shorter.

To avoid muscle pain, our experts recommend doing a focused and conscious warm-up and cool-down. A visit to the sauna, regular massages and sufficient magnesium and daily vitamins can also help prevent muscle pain.

Zinc-Magnesium capsules in particular support your recovery after training and prevent concentration problems and fatigue.

Can you also build muscle effectively without muscle pain?

The answer is yes! An intensive load that does not cause muscle pain can also ensure muscle growth. Muscle pain does not say anything about whether your muscles are growing or not.

There is no realistic method to determine whether your exercise was intensive enough to make your muscles grow. Muscle pain is only a good indication. The degree of your muscle pain tells you whether your effort has been strong or weak.

Muscle building workout with muscle pain

It’s okay to feel muscle pain after your workout. It is also no problem to start a workout again with a slight muscle pain. But if you have an intensive muscle effort ahead of you, the muscle pain should have disappeared.

Do you wonder if your muscle pain is still too severe for the next training? Then imagine a pain scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is intolerable and 1 stands for no muscle pain. Our advice is to start a light training again at 4, but preferably 2 or 3.

When in doubt, muscle pain is a good indication of muscle growth, but it does not have to be related to effective muscle building.

Muscle pain is just one means of achieving your goal. Diet and exercise with progressive weight gain are the main success factors for muscle growth. The positive energy balance gives your body the necessary basis to build new tissue in the form of muscles.

With weight gain, tiny tears are created in your muscles, which your body repairs and strengthens with new muscles. The following factors are therefore mainly responsible for effective muscle building:

  • Progressive weight gain in your workout
  • Positive total energy balance (daily calorie surplus)

What experience do you have with muscle pain and muscle building? What are your miracle remedies and which exercises give you the most muscle pain? We would like to hear from you!

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