Mental training in sports and in everyday life – the faster you reach your goals

mental training

Mental training is the key to true fitness. And to your goals. How fit you are: the right focus on your goal and the ability to perform well under pressure , make you into a real athlete. And help you to each goal to achieve . Here’s how:

What is Mental Training?

Mental training is a psychological method that you can use to improve various elements in your life. When used properly, mental training can help you to …

  1. Make you feel better.
  2. Become more confident.
  3. To be able to empathize with others (your partner will thank you).
  4. Improve your exercise patterns.
  5. Keep your cool in stressful situations.
  6. Reach your goals faster. During sports, at work or in everyday life.

How does mental training work in sports?

For professional athletes , mental training is an integral part of game or tournament preparations . By focusing on cognitive skills, you train and improve movement. Exercises for other areas of the brain ensure that an athlete remains self-aware and efficient even under pressure during a match.

Be inspired by the techniques of professionals:

Improve your skills in sports

If you are representing a particular perform motion , then using the same parts of your brains activated also active as you move yourself performing . The more often and the more detailed you think about a movement, the easier it becomes to make this movement.

Do you find it difficult to make new movements in your head? That is very normal in the beginning. The more you do this exercise, the easier it will be to imagine a particular movement.

Of course you don’t learn the movement just by imagining it. Regular t raining is a requirement . But by regularly moving in a movement, you will actually be able to control it faster, better.

You know what you can do. And how far you are

Self-confidence and security are distinguishing factors for your mindset during a sports match, but this certainly also applies to home and work situations. It is important that your own performance realistically can evaluate and judge.

Many people underestimate their personal skills and achievements. For example, in strength sports you can clearly see what the normal values ​​are for your body weight.

And so you can see exactly in athletics what the average is for the different parts for your age group. And, last but not least, you have to compare yourself (and not others!). Whatever you do, be aware of where you started and how much you have improved.

Mental training makes you aware of your own capacities by realistically assessing and comparing your own performance with the help of a coach or a training plan. This really makes you aware of your own performance. And that in turn provides more self-confidence and security.

You no longer allow yourself to be distracted

Self-confidence is the first step towards more persistence. But there are also other ways to keep a cool head in stressful situations. You need strength in your training. Physically and mentally. And that is why it is important that you also develop and train your mental resilience under pressure .

For example, during a training you can be put under pressure with the help of music, words, complicated exercises or a tight deadline. And you learn to stay focused even under psychological pressure and you are better prepared for the real work .

You know what your end goal is

You take everything for you, but soon you find yourself back in your daily routine and lose your goal from the eye . With the right mental training that is over.

Professional athletes often visualize their goals , for example by printing photos of their goals and reviewing them daily. But just writing down your goals and putting them up in a clearly visible place has a positive effect .

So you get every day back again with your own face goal . This can be a certain clothing size, a distance you want to walk or, for example, the beach body you have in mind for next summer.

Mental training is not only useful in sports. Also in your private life can mental training you help to your skills and your personality develop .

Mental training at work and at home

Of course you can also perform the exercises described above at home or adapt them to your specific situation. But the following examples are particularly suitable for mental training at work and at home.

Feel better

Stress in the workplace and at home often causes physical complaints , such as headaches and back complaints . Mental training cannot make the stress go away. But you can learn to cope better and relax more quickly.

Become more empathetic

By this we mean the ability to not only your own feelings, but those of others better to observe, to interpret and it act. These social skills are becoming increasingly important, in team sports , but also in your private life and at work.

Everything comes together – mental strength

strong mind is the result of mental training . As you engage in the areas described above, you will sooner or later develop more mental strength. And experience strong growth in your personal development.

Tips for a better concentration during mental training

Especially in the beginning it can be very difficult to start with mental training. That’s why we have a few useful tips to get you started .

Keep your focus

Any kind of distraction is like poison to your mental focus. Make a todo list for yourself, make sure your surroundings are tidy and turn off your smartphone when you do your exercises.

This way you avoid unwanted distraction by phone calls, texts or other messages. But a tidy environment also ensures that you are not distracted by things lying around in the room or that you have to do the dishes first.

If you find it difficult to turn yourself off completely during exercise, focus on specific elements or parts of the exercise. This could be, for example, properly performing the following exercise, or consciously inhaling and exhaling during the stress phase.

Help use your imagination

Mental training is mainly about programming your thoughts on how to achieve success. With the help of your intellectual imagination you can improve your athletic performance . Whether you are training with weights in the gym or a very important football match is scheduled.

Prepare yourself for a sporting stress situation with the mental training.

Make an idea for yourself in advance of how you will achieve your new record on the bench press , or how you can win the decisive goal that will make your team the leader in the competition. In this way you program your body for success and prepare your body for the load that is to come by already practicing dry.

The power of repetition

In order for the mental training to be as successful as possible, repetition is very important . As with physical training, it also applies to mental training: practice makes perfect. You will find yourself getting better every time . The effect will keep improving again and again.


  • With mental training you train movement patterns.
  • It increases your self-image and thus your self-confidence.
  • Programs your mind for long-term success.
  • Is most effective when combined with a normal workout.
  • Helps you relax.

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