Low-carbohydrate breakfast: kickstart your day


Breakfast like an emperor. This proverb does not exist without reason. A healthy breakfast is the best basis for an energetic day. We show you how we prefer to eat our low-carbohydrate breakfast. 

Have a low-carbohydrate breakfast and still feel full – that’s not possible? Yes it is! Be inspired by our low-carbohydrate recipes and discover your new culinary favorites. For an energy boost in the morning!

Healthy breakfast: Why is it so important?

To cope with a long day, your body needs enough energy. A healthy breakfast provides you with the important vitamins and nutrients early in the morning .

Did you know that your body also burns calories while sleeping? That is why it is so important that you replenish your energy stock well in the morning. It doesn’t matter if you go to work, go to college or exercise – your body needs energy. Several studies have shown that people who skip breakfast are more likely to eat a lot during the day. this can ensure that you consume a lot more calories in total than you actually need.

Breakfast for weight loss: low-carbohydrate as a basis

Have you made up your mind to lose weight? Then a tasty low- carbohydrate breakfast is for you! A study in the United States found that young women who have a high protein and regular breakfast experience less binge eating and a sweet or savory craving during the day .

Low-carbohydrate nutritional schedule

The key to sustainable fat loss is the right calorie balance. With the help of our free calorie calculator you can easily calculate your personal calorie requirement. Carbs, or carbohydrates , are our main source of energy , along with fats . With a low-carbohydrate diet, the carbohydrates are deliberately limited as much as possible in order to lose body fat .

Background: Carbohydrates have a major influence on your body fat percentage. If you take in more carbohydrates than you consume, your body stores the excess carbohydrates as a fat reserve for any times of need .

A low-carbohydrate breakfast helps you to save calories. This works best if you aim for a large serving of protein and vitamin.


Protein is important so that you do not lose muscle mass and stay fit in a calorie deficit. You stay satiated longer. And that makes it easier to resist temptations and binge eating. A high-protein, low-carbohydrate breakfast is also the perfect basis for a successful day.

Low-carbohydrate breakfast recipes

are you in the mood for a tasty low-carbohydrate recipe, but are you lacking inspiration? We share our favorite recipes with you. Just recreate and enjoy. Enjoy your meal !

fast low-carbohydrate breakfast: Muesli

A real classic: muesli is always possible. Our muesli is the perfect protein kick for when you need to get out quickly in the morning. It convinces with the amount of protein and the exceptional taste. Berries and nuts also provide the necessary superfood power .

Chia seed pudding

This chocolate chia seed pudding is a sweet start to the day. And with Whey Protein , this breakfast is also very high in protein and fits perfectly into a low- carbohydrate nutritional schedule .

Protein Pancakes

We believe that you can have an extensive breakfast on weekends. Protein Pancakes are not only made quickly, but also taste delicious. A little peanut butter and bananas as a topping should also not be missed!

healthy Porridge with banana

This tasty porridge gives you a satiated feeling – ideal if you have a long working day ahead of you. See for yourself now!

Our conclusion

A tasty low-carbohydrate breakfast is much more than just an apple and a handful of nuts.If you pay attention to a balanced distribution of protein and fat in the context of a low-carbohydrate diet, you can easily achieve a calorie deficit with our breakfast ideas.

  • Your body also uses calories while you sleep. That is why it is important to get new energy in the morning.
  • Protein is an important part of a low-carbohydrate diet.
  • The key to successful weight loss lies in a healthy calorie deficit.

Tip: For the best results during weight loss (and of course also for muscle building) we recommend our free Body Check . Set your goal and receive personal training and nutrition advice.

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