Losing weight on your stomach: this is how you get rid of your belly fat

weight lossLosing weight on your stomach is very difficult. Successful results usually take a long time to arrive. We’ll tell you how to finally get rid of that annoying pork belly! 

Losing weight on your stomach – Why it is so hard to get rid of belly fat

Belly fat belongs to problem zone number 1 in addition to hip fat and fat on your buttocks and legs . Many people want to lose weight on their stomach in a very targeted way and are disappointed when that does not work immediately. They try for a few weeks, see no results and eventually reach for that bag of chips again, very frustrated.

Unfortunately, we have to tell you the bitter truth. Unfortunately, working on a specific body part in such a targeted way does not work. Losing weight on your stomach is no exception. But we also have good news! You will receive the best tips from us, so that you still achieve the desired results.

Losing weight on your stomach – Belly fat is incredibly dangerous

It’s great that you finally want to start working on your belly fat, because a flat stomach not only looks better, but is also really much healthier for you. Where fat is stored just under the skin in most places in your body (subcutaneous fat), the fat on your stomach also collects around your muscles and organs (visceral fat).

Especially the fat around your organs is very dangerous . It increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. But we also have good news for you. Organ fat, your body breaks down relatively quickly. Unfortunately, that is also the reason why you see so little result in the beginning. Now if you’re wondering if you have too much belly fat, we have 2 rough guidelines for you. Of course, these also depend on your body size and age, but give you roughly an idea.

Men have too much belly fat with a waist circumference higher than 94 centimeters. Women, on the other hand, if the waist circumference exceeds 80 centimeters.

By the way : If you have an ambitious goal and would like to get a six-pack in the future , measuring your body fat can help you determine how close to your goal you are. In men, a fat percentage of about 13 to 16% is required to make a six-pack visible. For women, this is on average somewhat higher at about 19 to 22%. If you want to know how to calculate your own fat percentage, we have useful information for you here.

Lose Weight on Your Belly – 3 Important Diet Tips

The determining factor in losing weight on your stomach is the right diet . But what does the right nutrition look like? We have listed 3 nutritional tips below to help you achieve your goal.

1. Achieve calorie deficit

If you want to lose weight on your stomach, you need to consume fewer calories from food than you consume. And that also for a long period. Once you hit a calorie deficit on a regular basis, your body will begin to burn carbohydrates first and then the stored fat later . This way you will lose weight slowly and sustainably.

Now you have to find out how much of what you can eat in order not to get too many calories. Just download a calorie counter app on the phone and get started. Just thinking that you shouldn’t eat too many calories doesn’t help. That is simply not precise enough.

2. Do not drink calories

Drink often contains unnecessary calories. Cola is very unhealthy, we know, but most do not know that it contains 80 calories per 200 ml. Juices, lemonades and soft drinks also contain at least as many calories. These calories generally consist mainly of sugars and cause your blood sugar level to skyrocket and then collapse again. The result is binge eating . In addition, it usually does not stop at one glass.

Better : If you really want to lose weight on your stomach, avoid unnecessary calories in drinks. Tea and coffee are allowed as they contain only 2 calories per 100 ml.

3. eat that somewhat saturated

Do you immediately think of hunger when losing weight? You really don’t have to if you do it right. With the right foods you can eat enough and you do not have to be hungry. There are 2 types of foods that are considered healthy satiety.

Those are protein-rich foods . Proteins contain a lot of energy, just like carbohydrates, but are processed very slowly by the body , so that they can be used as an energy source. This means you use more energy than with fats and carbohydrates. It doesn’t make your blood sugar rise as quickly as carbohydrates do, so they satiate longer and don’t result in binge eating as quickly as you might know from sugar.

You also have fiber. Fiber cannot use your body as a source of energy, but it fills your stomach and takes time to be digested. They are therefore ideal to eat during a low-calorie diet.

Lose Weight on Your Belly – 3 Exercise Types

The second important factor to lose weight successfully on your stomach is the right training. Do not focus too much on a particular training form. Exercise in general, in combination with the nutritional tips described above, will help you lose hip and belly fat. We will tell you below which 3 training types work very well.

By the way : You don’t lose belly fat by training your abs. Fat is not replaced by muscle, but is gradually reduced. You can only grow muscle with the right training and enough protein .

1. endurance sports

A good method for constant weight loss are classic endurance sports  such as running , swimming and cycling . Walking and cycling in particular have the great advantage that you usually already have a bicycle or running shoes at home. And you don’t need much more in the beginning.

Swimming and cycling have the advantage that they are not very stressful for your joints and are therefore extremely suitable for overweight people. Running and jogging is the movement for which the human body is made and with this you train your body most effectively of these 3 training types .

The advantage: Especially for beginners, the low intensity of a moderate endurance training is a low threshold for starting the training.

The disadvantage: Due to the low intensity in the beginning, the calorie consumption is quite low. If you keep going, you will soon reach the range in which you effectively stimulate your fat burning. And then losing weight on your stomach is suddenly not that difficult anymore.

2. HIIT Workouts

HIIT stands for High Intensive Interval Training. You do different exercises, usually with your own body weight or light weights. Within a short time you do as many repetitions as possible and bring your heart rate to a maximum. You then have a short breather until you continue with the next exercise.

Depending on the workout, such a training does not take longer than 15 minutes and is still very effective. That’s because your heart rate is much higher than with a normal fitness training. Your circulation now takes much longer to return to normal levels and you are still burning calories long after your workout. This is called the afterburning effect .

The advantage: This form of training requires little time and space.

The downside: It is very difficult for beginners to commit to such a tough workout.

3. Strength sports

Another effective sport for weight loss is strength sports. Yes you heard that right. The reason is very simple. Muscles make you burn more calories . If you gain more muscle through strength sports, this larger muscle mass also uses more calories.

The advantage: Strength sports is well suited for beginners, because you can easily adjust the weight to your own level.

The downside: Due to the increase in muscle, your weight changes very slowly at first. To measure results when losing weight on your stomach, measuring your belly circumference is much more effective than the numbers on your scale.

not in the mood for Sport? this way you manage to lose weight on your stomach

Regular exercise and sports in general will help you lose weight on your stomach. But if you really don’t feel like exercising, you can also burn a few extra calories in another way.

It won’t go as fast, but if you manage to organize your daily life a bit more actively , you can easily burn extra calories. How do you do that best? Do small shopping on foot or by bike. Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Cycle to work and if you are traveling by train, stop.


  • You have to be patient to lose weight on your stomach.
  • Belly fat is very unhealthy.
  • Losing weight on your stomach works best when you combine a healthy diet, regular exercise and lots of exercise.
  • Protein and fiber-rich foods make you feel full.
  • Endurance sports, HIIT and strength sports are very effective if you want to lose weight on your stomach.
  • Losing weight on your stomach only works with a calorie deficit.
  • If you want to save calories very easily, only drink water, tea and occasionally coffee.

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