Losing weight according to plan: Effective weight loss without diet!

weight loss without diet

Metabolic diet, juice cure or a little bit of both – have you tried everything and nothing works? Our nutrition plan shows how you can best lose weight.

Losing weight – the basics

Burning more energy than you take in through food – in theory, losing weight sounds very simple.

A crash diet often quickly gives you that bikini body you dream of, but is linked to an extremely high calorie deficit. It may give quick results, but it is anything but good for your body.

If your calorie deficit is higher than your basic consumption, your body will go into energy-saving mode for a long time.

On the one hand, it is a smart response from your body: because if less energy is available, your basic consumption also decreases.
On the other hand, it can cause binge eating and the dreaded yo-yo effect .

As soon as you start eating normal portions again, your body stores the extra energy in the form of fat. The consequence? Worst case scenario, the lost weight is added just as quickly.

If you want to lose weight, we recommend an average calorie deficit of 300-500 calories and you will have to exercise regularly .
Because when you build muscle , your basic consumption increases. And so your calorie requirement increases.

Achieving your goal in the long term requires a sustainable change in your lifestyle. A nutritional schedule can help you to change your diet more consciously .

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Losing weight will also not happen automatically with a nutritional schedule.

We have listed our 4 favorite tips for you that can help you with this.

4 tips for losing weight according to plan

Long-term weight loss – Changing your diet must be a success. Before plunging your head straight into a ready-to-eat feeding schedule, we want to show you the right foundation.

Do grocery shopping on schedule

Planning is essential.

Sit down once a week and write a feeding schedule. You have made a shopping list of this nutritional schedule in no time .
Do you not want to determine what you are going to eat all week? Then make sure you always have healthy basics at home.

Shop smart – so don’t go shopping hungry and without a grocery list.

Take the time to prepare

Any reason why you wouldn’t have time for a healthy diet simply doesn’t count. The key to long-term weight loss is preparation. The preparation of a dish will help you to keep you longer in your diet schedule. But not only that – it also saves you time!

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You can also prepare healthy snacks with ease: you can cut and tidy up fruit and vegetables in no time.

Cook for 2 people

Always cook an extra portion and save the rest for the following days. You can keep your food in the fridge for 1-2 days without any problem. Your next lunch or dinner will be ready!

Don’t skip meals

Your lunch was huge and you don’t expect to eat anything in the next few hours? Do not skip meals and try to build up a regular eating routine for your body. You better pay attention to the portion size of your meals.

Diet plan for weight loss

Lose weight without deficiency in certain nutrients or macronutrients. Our feeding schedule gives you inspiration. It is designed for an average energy expenditure of 1600 calories, including a deficit.

Do you want to focus on our feeding schedule? Then the first step is to calculate your calorie intake with a deficit. Check out our calorie calculator for online help.


Do you need less than 1,600 calories in a deficit? No problem! With these tips you can quickly change your energy needs:

  • mix shakes with water instead of milk
  • replace whole milk products with semi-skimmed alternatives
  • eat smaller portions
  • eat fewer carbohydrates

Losing weight is a long process and your calorie deficit does not only last for a week. Rather choose a smaller deficit in the beginning and increase it slowly, while making small progress.

Ultimately, the total balance counts and it is important that you can sustain the change in your diet over a longer period of time.
Nobody wants to count calories for a lifetime. To be able to lose weight healthily, we advise you not to count calories permanently, but rather to learn more and more to listen to the signals from your body.

Our conclusion

  • To lose weight, we recommend a calorie deficit of 300-500 calories and an active lifestyle
  • A nutritional schedule can help you to change your diet in a controlled manner
  • Planning and preparation are very important for the best results
  • Save time if you always cook for 2 people
  • Create a new routine that involves eating regularly and not skipping meals

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