Losing fat on your hips – 12 tips for quick results

Losing fat on your hips

Want to lose some hip fat, but don’t know how? We share 12 tips to finally say goodbye to the fat on your hips!

Losing the fat on your hips in a targeted manner – is that possible?

Muffin tops, armbands or love handles. Hip fat goes by many different names and is the biggest problem area. Do you want to know how you can lose your hip fat in a targeted manner? It will not be easy, but it will work!

This is because your body does not specifically break down fat in certain parts of your body. It also doesn’t break down fat evenly all over the place. Does that sound contradictory to you? It really is. But you can be lucky and lose weight on your stomach first.

But it could just as well be that you are the first to lose weight on your arms, legs, buttocks or face. Unfortunately, your body does what it wants first. If you follow these tips, you will still manage to get rid of the fat on your hips and finally show that six pack to the world.

Losing hip fat with the right nutrition

70% of your training results come from your diet. That is why it is certainly worth paying more attention to that. We are not a fan of strict diets . Healthy food can be fun  and above all tasty !

1. Calculate calorie requirement

What is the right diet if you want to lose hip fat? First, you need to know how many calories you can take in daily to reach your goal. The easiest way to calculate this is with our calorie calculator .


2. Calculate calories taken daily

Once you know how much you can eat, it is useful to keep track of how many calories you actually take in per day with your normal diet. You have various apps that calculate this for you.

3. Adjust nutrition

Now that you know how much you normally eat, you can adjust your diet to your goal . A strict diet is really not necessary. Make portions smaller or replace unhealthy meals with healthier ones .

Losing hip fat with endurance sports

Fitness exercise is a great way to get rid of the fat on your hips. Running, swimming, cycling or other endurance sports give your blood circulation a boost . That means for you that you will burn a lot of calories.

And you don’t have to train hard and push your limits every time. It is enough to train your fitness at a moderate speed for a period of 30 minutes . Not sure what moderate speed is for you? Grab your sports watch and run so that your heart rate is around 120 bpm .

Losing hip fat with strength sports

In addition to fitness sports, strength sports are now also seen as a real fat-burning miracle. With strength training you promote your muscle growth. And this in turn ensures that your calorie consumption increases and you burn more fat in the long term .

The big advantage of strength training is that you not only lose weight, but that the muscles that are built also help you to stay in shape. This way you lose fat on your hips, but you also get closer to your dream body.

In addition to classic strength training in the gym, you can also train with your own body weight at home . Training forms such as HIIT , tabata or circle training activate the afterburning effect and ensure that you burn more calories after your workout.

Exercises to lose hip fat

You cannot train the fat on your hips. But with the right exercises you can get your fat burning up to full speed. Here you will find 6 fun exercises to lose hip fat quickly.

1. On Point Punches

Point-Punches - Losing fat on your hips
Difficulty: Easy
Trains: Endurance in shoulders, arms and legs
Pay attention: Back straight, shoulders back, arms not fully extended, lift opposite foot to punch
Variation – light: Feet stay on the ground
Variation – Heavy: Bring your knees up to hip height

2. Burpees

Burpees - Losing fat on your hips
Trains: Strength and fitness throughout the body
Pay attention: Keep your back straight during the push-up phase, rest your whole body on the floor.
Variation – light: Burpee without push-up
Variation – Heavy: Pull your knee to your chest as you jump

3. Military Plank

Military Plank - Losing fat on your hips
Trains: Chest, triceps and shoulders
Pay attention: Always keep enough tension in your core, avoid a hollow back
Variation – light: Put your knees on the floor
Variation – Heavy: Put your feet on a chair

4. Jumping Jacks to front

Jumping Jacks
Trains: Condition in your legs, coordination
Pay attention: Arms and legs move alternately diagonally

5. Skater Jumps

Trains: Coordination, jumping power, thighs and calves
Pay attention: Land as gently as possible after each jump
Variation – light: Wait a moment for you to make your next jump
Variation – Heavy: Increase the pace

6. Aerobic Front Kick

Aerobic Front Kick
Trains: Coordination, calf muscles and thigh muscles
Pay attention: The floor should be flat and non-slip so that you don’t slip
Variation – light: Make the kick without a jump

More tips for losing fat on your hips

1. Encourage your training

Whether it is endurance training, strength training or HIIT, the right training stimulus ensures faster results. This is what happens when you constantly push your limits during training.

2. Use your recovery time

You burn fat during your training, but muscles grow in the recovery phase . And more muscles help you with your fat burning. Instead of doing more every day and running the risk of overtraining , give your body a rest to recover.


  • Only training the fat on your hips is not possible.
  • The combination of healthy nutrition and training works the best.
  • Interval training provides the after-burn effect and thus increases your calorie consumption, even after your workout.
  • Moderate speed fitness exercise is very effective for fat burning.
  • Strength sports are very good for muscle growth.
  • More muscles use more energy and use more fat.
  • The right training stimulant is decisive for the best results.
  • Use your recovery phase so that you can go full throttle again for your next workout.

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