Losing belly fat – Simple, fast and sustainable

losing belly fat

Can’t get rid of those stubborn love handles? With our tips, you will finally lose belly fat in the long run.

Why is it so important to lose belly fat?

Clearly, a flat stomach is just more beautiful and shows that you value your appearance and have discipline . In the first place, a flat stomach stands for health and vitality .

That may sound like superficial reasons to lose your belly fat. The main reason is anything but superficial. Belly fat has a strong influence on your health. Who much belly fat is, has more chance of cardiovascular disease or diabetes .

The distinction between 2 types of belly fat

You have subcutaneous fat . These are fat deposits that lie between your muscles and your skin and are very soft and limp on your stomach. You also have visceral fat . This fat lies between your muscles and your intestines .

This so-called organ fat is very dangerous for your health. These fat deposits react faster with your metabolism. This is because it contains many substances and inflammatory molecules, which have a negative effect on various hormones.

But there is also good news! Due to the high metabolic activity of visceral fat, you also get rid of it faster than subcutaneous, subcutaneous, fat. So don’t wait too long and start losing belly fat today!

Get rid of belly fat and enjoy it at the same time – NUTRITIONAL TIPS

Do you think you can’t eat anything if you want to lose belly fat? Fortunately, that is not correct! But if you continue like this, it will not work anyway. Learn to eat more consciously . You can read how to do that here.

You will only lose belly fat if you maintain a calorie deficit. This means that during the day you may consume fewer calories through food than you consume through sports and activities.

How do you know how many calories you can take? Very easy. With our free calorie calculator.


Now that you finally know how many calories you can eat daily, you can sit down and enter your normal meals in a calorie counter app . This way you know exactly how many calories you actually consume in a day and you can adjust your meals accordingly.

With the following 2 tips you can easily save calories and reach your calorie deficit.

Don’t drink calories

Also drink contains calories . Soda is packed with sugar. You may think you are only drinking a glass of Coke, but in reality you just drank 7 lumps of sugar. This is no different with fruit juice.

It is better to drink water, tea or coffee and thus save unnecessary calories. Especially herbal tea with an intense flavor, without sugar or honey, is highly recommended!

Eat foods that make you feel full

Protein and fiber are digested more slowly than carbohydrates and fats. As a result, they make you feel full for longer and help to lose belly fat. Fiber is mainly found in vegetables and whole grain products. Protein is mainly found in animal products, such as dairy and meat. But there are also vegetable proteins in soy and other legumes.

Lose belly fat with pleasure – workout tips

Another effective way to lose belly fat is exercise. It does not matter whether you do sport as a hobby, regularly go for a run or just start strength training. Exercise stimulates your metabolism and burns more calories. Yet every form of sport has its own advantages.

Losing belly fat at a sports club

Not everyone can motivate themselves so easily to run or go to the gym on a regular basis. Exercising at an association has the advantage that you playfully work with your body and at the same time get to know new people .

Losing belly fat with strength training

Strength sports are not only important for muscle building. If you want to lose belly fat and lose hip fat , you will have to do strength exercises with weights or your own body weight.

The reason: the extra gained muscle causes your body even more fat is burned . In the long term, you will lose weight even faster. In addition, muscles give your body a nice shape and ensure that your stomach is not only flat , but also tight .

Losing belly fat with endurance training


Also fitness sports such as running, swimming or cycling ensure that you increase your calorie consumption. They are also very good for closing you off completely and therefore have a relaxing effect.

Losing Belly Fat Without Stress – Recovery Tips

We cannot protect ourselves from daily stress . And that is not bad at all. Stress is, to a certain extent, also healthy for our body, because stressful situations have an activating effect on our body.

Too much and long-term stress can have a different effect and make us feel tired and lethargic . And then also exercise and watch your diet to lose your belly fat? That is going to be really difficult.

Better : Give yourself a day off and try our versatile relaxation methods.


  • Losing belly fat protects you against diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • Losing weight on your stomach only does not work.
  • Only due to a calorie deficit will you lose weight for a long time.
  • Fiber-rich and protein-rich foods help you to save calories and make you feel full for a long time.
  • By exercising you increase your calorie consumption and at the same time you ensure that your muscles are in good shape.

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