Living without sugar – 5 useful tips

Living without sugar – 5 useful tips

Sugar is in almost everything we eat and especially things we like. But it is anything but good for you. Can you live without sugar? How do you do that? And most importantly, is it worth it? We will tell you more. 

You can compare your diet to the gasoline in a car. If you want it to keep driving well and that the engine doesn’t break down, then you pay attention to the quality of the gasoline. Food is the fuel for your body. So when you pay attention to the quality of your gasoline, you also have to pay attention to the quality of your food.

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Quit sugar

Almost everything contains some sugar. One look at the ingredients list on the packaging and you know how much sugar is in a particular product. Sometimes it is easy to identify and is listed as “sugar” or “cane sugar”. But it also often happens that sugar is listed under a complicated name between the ingredients, so that you do not recognize it as sugar at first glance. 

A life without sugar means something different for everyone. For some, it is mainly about the added sugars . Then you do not eat foods to which refined sugar has been added, such as ketchup, jam or various soft drinks.

Other foods naturally contain sugar . Fruit, for example, contains fruit sugar. Some people also avoid foods with a high starch or carbohydrate content , such as potatoes or whole grain bread, as part of a sugar-free lifestyle. Just like home-garden-and-kitchen sugar, these are converted into glucose in the body.

Fresh fruit
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What is a life without sugar?

The consequences of quitting sugar differ from person to person. For example, it depends on how much sugar you have always eaten. You may feel lethargic or tired at first, have difficulty concentrating and have a bad mood. But once you get through this phase, you will only feel better.

Positive effects of a low-sugar diet: 

  • Better concentration
  • Better sleep
  • Increased taste experience

5 tips to get you started

If you want to ban sugar completely from your life, you have to consider more than just the ingredients list on the packaging. You can get started with the following 5 tips.

1. What is your goal? 

Think carefully about what a sugar-free life looks like for you. Do you opt for a diet without added sugars or do you want to eliminate sugar completely?

Snack wisely 

Preparation is half the battle. If you like to eat something on the go or have a soft spot for the sweet smell of the bakery on the corner of the street, make sure you always have a healthy snack with you.

Step by step

Make sure you use up all the goodies you still have at home first. Throwing away is also a shame. Then buy sugar-free alternatives to these products. This is how you start your new diet step by step. 

4. Look closely at the ingredients list

Is there sugar hiding in something you didn’t expect at all? Bread, yogurt, fruit juices, spreads and sauces are especially hidden sources of sugar.

5. Cook yourself

To be on the safe side with your new diet, we recommend that you cook yourself. Processed foods , in particular , are high in sugar. So don’t sit down for lunch with long teeth, but prepare something for yourself. That way you know exactly what’s in it.

Prepare your own meal
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Sugar-free recipes

Cooking yourself is easier than you think. And often healthier too. Here you will find three of our favorite recipes for your new sugar-free lifestyle.

Tuna sandwich

Perfect for lunch – tuna sandwich . Easy to make. And the best part is: tuna is incredibly rich in protein and provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety. 


From now on, this isn’t just a birthday cake, friends and family will keep asking if you ‘ve baked that yummy sweet strawberry cake again. And you can bake that delicious cake completely without refined sugars . 

Our conclusion

  • Sugar is hidden in many foods . A diet without sugar is therefore a lot more difficult than you think.
  • Think about what a sugar-free life means to you. Do you only want to stop with added sugars , for example candy and other sweets? Or stop eating natural sugars , such as fruit sugars?
  • If you prepare your own meals  and always have a healthy snack in your bag, you will easily get through the day without sugar.

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