Ketogenic Diet: Experiences with the Extreme Low-Carb Diet


The ketogenic diet promises rapid weight loss success. Not least because it is a low-carbohydrate diet in which you can eat extremely few carbohydrates. How successful can you be with such an extreme diet? In this interview, our nutrition expert shares his experiences with the keto diet.

Kareem ALI is a nutritionist and specialized at the health public Service in Romania for now but he is also the TOP doctor on YouTube! With about 10k new subscribers on a DAILY basis. He shares his expertise with us. His passion: natural bodybuilding. To stay fit, Oli swears by the ketogenic diet .

The idea behind the ketogenic diet is simple: because your body receives virtually no carbohydrates, you no longer get enough energy from glucose. Your body uses fat as an alternative energy source. This sets the so-called ketosis in motion. This is particularly effective for fat burning. Your body is thus able to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

We’ve just discussed it, but what exactly is the ketogenic diet?

This diet obtains about 60-90% of the daily calories from fats. Carbohydrates are only a minimal amount and these are mainly vegetables. Protein also plays an important role, of course.

No carbohydrates means no potatoes, rice, pasta, etc. Oatmeal is also taboo. What Can I Eat on a Ketonic Diet?

Many people think that on a ketogenic diet they should hardly eat anything. But that is not the case. In fact, you can and may eat all foods that consist of fats and proteins. Your body becomes more efficient in the use of fats. Fat-rich foods such as cheese fondue or sausage are no longer a sin in the ketogenic diet.

The quality of the food has the highest priority in this diet. In addition to vegetable oils such as olive or flaxseed oil, nuts, seeds, eggs, cheese and fatty fish are good fat sources .

Also, coconut oil  is a good source of fat. The MCT fats in the oil provide quick energy just before a workout and give you power!

In addition to the classic protein sources, such as chicken and fish, dairy products with a low carbohydrate content are also allowed in a ketogenic diet. For example, I eat a meal every day with low-fat quark and a little natural yogurt.

As a vegan you can use vegetable protein sources such as tofu, seitan or tempeh.

Fruits and vegetables also contain different amounts of carbohydrates. Which vegetable fits best in a ketogenic diet?

Don’t worry about the carbohydrates in vegetables on a ketogenic diet . Sufficient fruit and vegetables are important in any diet. Not only do they contain vitamins and minerals, the antioxidants in fruit and vegetables also absorb the free radicals that arise during the breakdown of fats and proteins. This plays an important role for your health, not just in the ketogenic diet.

Of course there are also certain vegetables that are particularly suitable. Cabbage in all varieties is a super vegetable and also very versatile. But carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, mushrooms, asparagus and green beans also fit perfectly in a ketogenic diet. But of course you have many more types of vegetables. I am a big fan of Asian cuisine and therefore like to cook with bok choy. And don’t forget avocado, super tasty and top fats!

Which vegetables should you not eat?

However, there are also a few types of vegetables that fit less well in a ketogenic diet. It is better not to overeat tomatoes, corn, onions or red peppers. Chickpeas, kidney beans and peas contain a relatively high amount of carbohydrates and are therefore not very suitable for a ketogenic diet.

Is it advisable to take nutritional supplements in a ketogenic diet?

You can use food supplements without any problems, as long as it is not a mass gainer or, for example, a carbohydrate-rich product such as maltodextrin. I use creatine myself . It is a mistake to think that this only makes sense in combination with sufficient carbohydrates. The positive effect for extra fast and maximum strength in a ketogenic diet is only enhanced, because thanks to the creatine the energy transport is much more efficient.

After the workout I still take protein powder like Whey Protein or Vegan Protein – which I also like to mix with my quark. I also take L-Arginine as extra support during an intensive workout. This gives me the perfect boost during training.

All in all, the keto diet works very well for you. Who would you recommend such a strict diet to?

A ketogenic diet is suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight and who is open to new ideas. I think your attitude plays a major role in this diet. Of course you have to be open to forgoing pasta, bread, potatoes and the like. But once you do, you will find that the diet has many benefits and your carbohydrate cravings will soon be over! – A ketogenic diet can also be an option for people with diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, dementia and even migraine. Of course, a doctor should always be the first point of contact in the event of illness.

I am a huge fan of this diet. Not only do I lose weight successfully, but it also has a positive effect on my health. Since I’ve been on the ketogenic diet, I just feel a lot more powerful and energized. And I no longer suffer from a feeling of fullness with subsequent fatigue, such as after a large plate of pasta.

Dairy products and most meat and fish types are highly acidifying. Is a ketone diet healthy in the long term?

In principle, a ketogenic diet is suitable for everyone. It is often claimed that the diet is unhealthy in the long term, because strong acids are released when fats and proteins are broken down. Long-term studies have now shown the opposite. These studies showed that the increased acid formation does not affect the body.

I think our body has enough buffer to absorb these acids. But of course it is important for the balance to eat enough vegetables. Then you are safe and you do not have to worry. It is also regularly said that a ketogenic diet has a negative effect on cholesterol levels.

But here too there are studies that have shown the opposite. In fact, it has been found that the ketogenic diet can significantly lower bad LDL cholesterol, while good HDL cholesterol has increased tremendously. These are just a few positive health aspects that make me a fan of a ketogenic diet!

Do you have moral objections to the consumption of so many animal products?

Of course it depends on how you look at this. I myself make sure that I buy animal products from the butcher and local shops as much as possible. I always buy meat from an organic butcher in the area. I also get eggs there.

For fish I go to the market or the fish shop. In this way I try to avoid factory farming and the bad conditions in livestock farming as much as possible. In any case, I don’t want to contribute to it. And so I also know that the food is not unnecessarily contaminated with medicines and the like.

You started on a ketogenic diet to get in shape for your next match. What happens after that match?

Before I started the diet, I was already on ketogenic food. The diet has only increased my interest and now I know a lot more about it too. That is why I want to try to use the ketogenic diet for muscle building and see how my body reacts to it.

I love to try new things and notice the changes in myself, because this food also brings enormous benefits in muscle building. Yes, and then it is preparation for the next game!

Finally, do you have any ketogenic recipes you can recommend?

Like I said, I love Asia. Asian cuisine is my favorite. I eat curry almost every day! I just really like it. That’s why I always have a simple curry on the menu.

For my own creation you need the following ingredients:

  • 120g turkey breast
  • 100g bok choy
  • 100g Chinese cabbage
  • 1 carrot
  • fresh cilantro
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • ginger
  • 1-2 red chilies


  • 1 tbsp tandoori masala
  • 1-2 tsp turmeric
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper
  1. Cut the turkey breast into bite-sized pieces, cut the vegetables into small pieces, peel and finely slice the garlic . Do the same with the ginger .
  2. Heat the pan well and grease it with coconut oil. That gives a special accent to the curry! – Fry the meat on all sides, add the vegetables, garlic, ginger and peppers and fry briefly .
  3. Lower the heat and deglaze with a little water. Then add the herbs and fresh coriander and stir everything in .
  4. Simmer in a frying pan or wok at medium temperature until the water has evaporated and mixed with the herbs. And your delicious, quick curry is ready!

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