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plankThe plank is one of the very best basic exercises of bodyweight training. You can read here why planks are so effective, what you should pay attention to and how you can stay in plank position for no less than 120 seconds in 30 days.

What is the shelf?

The plank is one of the oldest and at the same time best exercises that you can do with your own body weight. The exercise stabilizes and strengthens your entire torso . In a normal performance, you lean on your forearms, extend your body and stand on your toes. Then make a straight line of your entire body – from your head to your toes .

To make sure you do the plank position properly, do the exercise in front of the mirror first. It happens all too often that you think that your body is completely straight, but that your buttocks are way too high or too low. If your buttocks are too high, the exercise is too easy and you will no longer achieve the desired training effect. If your buttocks are too low, the lower part of your spine will be overloaded and can cause back problems.

Once you’ve found the right height, focus on consciously contracting your abs. This way you prevent your buttocks from sagging too low, even when it gets heavier.

Our tip : a protein shake after a workout provides your body with an extra portion of energy and protein. This way you will get through your next “plank day” a lot easier.

Advantages of the shelf

Shelving has many advantages. The reasons why you should include the plank in your training schedule anyway:

  • Planks are ideal for beginners, because you can easily vary in difficulty .
  • If you regularly do a Plank Challenge, you ensure maximum results with minimal time commitment .
  • The risk of injury is small if you have not had elbow or shoulder problems beforehand.
  • Planks provide a strong core and a better body feeling .
  • Planks is the perfect foundation exercise for other bodyweight and yoga exercises .
  • If you regularly do a Shelf Challenge, strengthen your your back and this helps to prevent back problems.

Disadvantages of the shelf

Planks are a great exercise for a bodyweight workout. But, depending on what exactly your goal is, it can also have drawbacks.

  • For example, by regularly doing a Plank Challenge, you will not build huge muscle or burn fat .
  • From a duration of 2 minutes you can make little progress .
  • That’s why it always makes sense to practice other variations of the plank as well.

4 different plank exercises

The normal shelf


Difficulty: Easy.
You train: Your trunk stability.
Pay attention: Tighten your stomach to avoid a hollow back.

The Side Plank

side plank
Difficulty: Medium.
You train: Your trunk stability + coordination.
Pay attention: Support the ground with your free arm if it gets too heavy.

The Military Plank

Difficulty: Medium.
You train: Your trunk stability, triceps & chest muscle.
Pay attention: Tighten your stomach to avoid a hollow back and, as with a push-up, place your arms perpendicularly under your shoulders.

Mountain Climbers

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Difficulty: Medium.
You train: Trunk stability, strength & conditioning.
Pay attention: Tighten your stomach to avoid a hollow back and keep your butt elevated as you retract your legs.

Your 30 day Plank Challenge

Time to get started! Start your 30-day Plank Challenge and strengthen and stabilize your core.


  • The plank is the perfect foundation exercise for bodyweight training.
  • Planks stabilize and strengthen your core.
  • If you regularly do a Plank Challenge, your posture and your body feeling will improve.
  • Planks also help with back problems.

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