Intuitive eating: eating by feeling

Weighing all portions and counting calories isn’t your thing? We show you how by eating intuitively you only have to listen to your gut feeling. And you can rely on it.

What is intuitive eating?

Eat what you like – without annoying rules. That sounds too good to be true.

Intuitive eating is a diet that is actually the complete opposite of a diet No nutritional plan no banned foods, and no guilt after eating.

The concept of intuitive eating was introduced in 1995 by nutritionists Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch . The focus is on the connection between body and mind.

Feeling good after eating instead of feeling guilty is central here.

Back to basics : you eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full.

As a baby you stop eating when you are full. Often, as we get older, we forget to listen to this intuition .

Why do you find it difficult to eat intuitively?

“If your plate is empty, you can leave the table”. You will probably think back to this when you have scooped up too much.

You eat at fixed times of the day, the recommended portions and amounts and look for the perfect nutrition plan to achieve your goals.

You reward yourself with an ice cream and punish yourself by not eating any more (or very little) in the evening.

In almost every conceivable situation you are confronted with nutritional rules Consciously or unconsciously .

Eating intuitively means moving away from all these rules. Turn off your head and listen to your body.

Switching off your mind No longer judging certain foods is a long process .

The 10 basics of intuitive eating can help you regain your intuitions .

How do you learn to eat intuitively?

1. Forget your diet mentality

Numerous studies show it and you actually know it yourself: A diet does not work in the long term . On the contrary, it can even cause weight gain hunger attacks and feelings of guilt about this “failure”.

Do you want to feel good in the long term and not just during the summer holidays? Then say goodbye to all zero diets and bans .

2. Watch your hunger signals

Hunger is not an enemy. It is a protection mechanism for your body that you need to survive.

Learn to listen to your body . Eat when you are hungry , it doesn’t matter if your last meal was one hour or five hours ago.

Our tip : Not only a rumbling stomach is a hunger signal . The signs of your body differ from person to person and can also be reflected, for example, in more thoughts about eating or fatigue.

3. Don’t make food your enemy

Delete the words “good” and “bad” food from your system. Instead, eat whatever you want and pay attention to the taste and feel of the meal after dinner.

  1. Did you like it?
  2. Do you feel full?
  3. How does your body feel after eating?

4. Challenge the “food police”

Reject any thoughts that tell you to have a good or bad conscience after eating a particular meal.

5. Keep an eye on when you are full

Your body gives you signals that you are full. While eating, pay close attention to these signals and wonder how full you are already. You haven’t finished your plate yet, but you’re already full. Then don’t force yourself to eat more.

6. Pay attention to the fun factor

Eating isn’t just a matter of getting satiated. If you only eat to be full, you may not be satisfied in the end. Whether it’s your breakfast, lunch or dinner, let the food be an enjoyable experience. Listen to yourself and ask yourself if you really like the food.

7. No emotional eating

Joy, anger, sadness. Food does not solve your problems. Disconnect your emotions from the food. Make sure it’s not a reward or punishment.

Look for alternative strategies for dealing with your feelings.

8. Accept yourself and your body

Love yourself and your body. Your clothing size does not determine who you are.

9. Play sports

Change your focus. Exercise isn’t just about burning calories. We exercise to feel good.

10. Health is the most important thing

The food should taste good and you should feel good after eating. There are no certain foods that make you sick at night.

How does your intuition fit with your goals?

Intuitive eating is a long process .

Eating what you feel like and losing weight at the same time sounds contradictory at first.

We believe that a little more intuition and enjoy of food is good for everyone.

By listening more closely to the signals from your body, you can prevent yourself from ending up in a spiral of too little and too much food in the future . There is no longer any place for hunger attacks and the yo-yo effect .

The fact remains, of course, you have a calorie deficit needed to lose weight too .

That is why we also believe that a certain amount of control in your diet is important. We always recommend discovering healthy alternatives. Enjoy it and make sure you feel good about it at the same time. So you can treat yourself to cookies, ice cream or cake if you feel like it.

So don’t forbid yourself to eat certain things. Otherwise, you will only get further away from your goals. Your ideal beach body also includes feeling good and having fun in life.

You will find that over time you intuitively prefer the healthier alternative. Who wants to fake flavors?


  • Not a bad conscience, no rules
  • Eat intuitively and forget about any diet
  • If you fancy an ice cream for breakfast, give yourself that
  • The fewer bans the better
  • Your diet will naturally stabilize in the long run
  • Never forget to enjoy your meal!

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