Improve your concentration with these 22 tips

Improve your concentration

Whether at the office, during sports or in your spare time. Without concentration, no performance. In this article we tell you how concentration can improve and 110% can give to everything you do.

What is Concentration?

Concentration is your mental state , in which you fully concentrate on a single activity . In this way you can deliver top mental and physical performance . The better you have learned to concentrate , the easier it is to ignore disturbing factors . Have you ever been in a situation where you were so busy with something that you no longer realized what was going on around you? Then you were 100% focused at that moment.

How concentrated you work always has something to do with your physical and mental condition . Did you sleep well ? Have you eaten enough ? Did you train really hard last night ? Or are there other things that bother you?

But the type of activity also has a strong influence on your concentration. If the tasks you have to do are too easy , you may not feel challenged enough and therefore demotivated . The result: you do not perform at full power because your brain is not activated enough. However, if the task is so difficult that you feel overwhelmed , you will also not be able to perform at full throttle and your concentration will drop .

Somewhere between feeling overwhelmed and not being challenged enough is an area where your concentration is highest . Your brain is used to the right degree and can develop optimal performance . You want to work in this area.

Learn to improve your concentration

Do you think you lack concentration and have to learn to live with it? You can learn to improve your concentration. Or do you want to improve your mental performance by training your ability to concentrate ?

Whatever you are looking for, here you will find the best tips methods and techniques for better concentration.

Quick fixes

Within a few minutes you can improve your concentration with some quick solutions . With a few small adjustments in your environment of things that distract you (quickly).

  • Fresh air supplies your brain with oxygen.
  • The correct room temperature ensures that you are not too cold or sweat.
  • Sufficient daylight signals your brain to stay awake.
  • The right screen color and brightness relax your eyes and help you stay focused longer.
  • Eliminate environmental noise with headphones or earbuds.
  • Take frequent breaks .
  • No more multitasking .
  • Change your work environment from time to time .
  • Keep your smartphone far from your workplace.
  • Regularly work in a standing position .
  • Listen to concentration music.
  • Take active breaks.
  • Do short stretches in between or during your break.
Improve your concentration with these 22 tips
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Lifestyle hacks for more concentration

In addition to the quick fixes, the following lifestyle hacks will help you improve your concentration. This works best by matching your concentration and lifestyle .

1. Healthy food

In order for your brain to perform optimally , it needs nutrients . Just as your muscles need carbohydrates to work, your brain needs this source of energy . That doesn’t mean that you have to snack quickly if you can’t concentrate.

That only ensures that your sugar content rises briefly and then drops again quickly. So you are awake and focused for a moment, but a few minutes later you are even less focused than before. You better eat some nuts fruits and berries . These let your sugar level rise slowly , but over a longer period of time. That way you stay focused longer .

2. Get enough sleep

Adequate sleep helps your brains to the batteries again charge to and all you throughout the day have experienced to handle . Do you wonder how many hours of sleep you need per day? This differs from person to person.

3. Drink plenty

Your body consists of almost 70% water . In extreme cases, if you drink too little , your body reacts with dehydration . But even before that, you may not be able to concentrate very well .

In addition to water, isotonic drinks such as coconut water are also very good for your body. It has more flavor than normal water and also contains vitamins.

4. Planning is everything

Good planning makes it easier to concentrate on your tasks . You always know what to do and can roughly estimate how long you will need for a task. This ensures that you are more productive and usually more focused.

Improve your concentration with the right exercises

Did you know that your attention already after 20 minutes decreases ?

There are exercises you can do to increase your concentration. But you need time and patience for this. Because the following exercises only achieve results if you do them regularly . You train your concentration like you train your muscles in the gym.

1. Painting

Painting is a simple exercise that still requires our full physical and mental attention. For example, you can color challenging mandalas and fully concentrate on this one task .

Improve your concentration by meditating
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2. Meditation

Meditation helps you to relax better and leave everything behind you faster after a hard day’s work. Regular meditation significantly increases your ability to concentrate , because you learn to direct your thoughts more consciously .

3. Count steps

Concentrate on your steps as you run . That sounds like an easy task. But here too you learn to concentrate your thoughts on one point . If you do this regularly, this exercise can increase your concentration.

4. Riddles

puzzle solving calls for utmost concentration . You have to focus completely to the solution to find . That is why puzzles are particularly suitable for improving your concentration.

5. Active relaxation techniques

In addition to meditation, there are many other active relaxation techniques and methods. They help you to get your body and mind to calm down and your mind to steer in the right direction.

Causes of lack of concentration and solutions

If you have a lack of concentration or concentration problems , then you are not using your energy for your real tasks . Concentration problems can be caused by internal and external disturbing factors .

External factors

Are you distracted by anything and everything when you really need to focus on an important task ? Spontaneous cleaning up your house, checking your smartphone again and spontaneous visits are probably the most common jammers.

1. Tidy up your house

Before starting your task , make sure that everything in your environment is in the right place . Spring cleaning is not necessary now. But tidy up so that you are not distracted by cups that are still on the table or other things lying around the house.

2. Turn off distractions from your smartphone

Even if you put your smartphone on silent or in flight mode, there is still a risk of distraction . As long as you focus on not using your smartphone, you are wasting energy. You can better invest this energy in the tasks that you still have to do.

Even if you only look at your phone for 1 minute in between, your concentration drops considerably and it takes you more time afterwards. That is why it always makes sense to remove interference factors so that they can no longer distract you.

For example, “forget” your phone and leave it in the car or switch it off and put it in your letterbox. So you make it for yourself a lot more complicated for a moment to watch .

3. Spontaneous visits

Spontaneous visits from friends and family are fun , but it can also be awkward when you need to do something important. If you’re too nice now and invite them, you probably won’t do anything today.

Thank them for the impromptu visit, but be honest you just don’t have time right now. Or turn off your doorbell in advance , so you don’t even know that someone wants to come by.

As you can see, external interference factors are relatively easy to fix. Internal factors are often a lot more difficult.

Internal factors

Unlike external factors, there are internal disruptive factors within you. These factors often have psychological and emotional cause .

Increase your concentration
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Emotional problems

Emotional problems usually have to do with things within your circle of friends or family or your relationship . It is quite normal that this takes you out of your concentration. Try not to delay these private issues for too long. Deal with them as best you can and reduce the chance of distraction .

2. Psychological stress

Do you suffer from mental stress? This can have a major impact on your ability to concentrate. Stress at work or a frustrating assignment prevent you from concentrating properly.

Do you feel that you can no longer cope on your own? When in doubt, it is best to consult a doctor who can help you.

3. Habitual inattention

Your lack of concentration can also have a very simple cause. A bad habit . Instead of concentrating, your thoughts just wander . Do regular concentration exercises to break this habit.

4. Lack of motivation

You probably remember this feeling from school. You have to do tasks that you don’t feel like doing at all. Of course it is much more difficult to concentrate on uninteresting tasks .

In this case, just try to change your perspective on the task . Look at the underlying purpose of the task . Why is this job good for your skills ? What can you learn from it? The more meaning you see in a task, the easier it will be for you to complete the task.


  • Concentration is not innate.
  • Everyone can improve their ability to concentrate with different exercises.
  • Quick fixes can instantly improve your concentration.
  • The ability to concentrate can vary from day to day.
  • Lack of concentration depends on internal and external disruptive factors.

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