How many hours of sleep do you need to wake up rested?

How many hours of sleep do you need to wake up rested?

For a long time 8 hours of sleep a day was considered the perfect formula for waking up rested. Today we know that the need for sleep differs from person to person . We are happy to tell you what happens if you sleep too much or too little. And how you can determine the best sleep duration for you.

Are you constantly stressed? And are you still tired in the morning and not feeling rested ? Maybe you just sleep too short or too long. Or you sleep too restlessly and are therefore not recovered the next morning even after a night with enough sleep. Restful sleep is important.

Why is sleep important?

Sleeping is important for your physical and mental performance. While you sleep, your body is busy with filtering and discharge of harmful substances you’ve ingested during the day with your diet. Your brain also processes everything you experienced during the day . For your brain, sleeping is like restarting your laptop or smartphone.

You need more sleep after exercise

If you exercise often , getting enough sleep is very important . It doesn’t matter whether you want to build muscle or lose weight. Your body needs enough energy to work on these changes. It gets this energy from the right proteins and from enough sleep.

How many hours of sleep is best?

It is difficult to say exactly how many hours of sleep you need. It depends on how old you are , what your daily routine is like, how healthy you are and even your genes have something to do with it.

Babies and toddlers need up to 14 hours of sleep. Primary school children and teens, on the other hand, only get 9 to 11 hours of sleep. For adults between 7 and 9 hours of sleep is recommended.

8 hours of sleep per night is still a good guideline , but everyone has their own sleep needs. Some people get by with just 5 hours of sleep a day. Others think 9 hours is not enough.

Regular exercise can also affect your sleep. You’ve probably noticed that you need more sleep on days that you lot have trained . Your body just needs a little more time to recover from a workout.

That way you know how many hours of sleep you need

With a simple test you can find out how many hours of sleep you need per night. Allow 3 days for the test. Make sure to go to bed at night as soon as you feel tired. Put no alarm clock and stand only if you really rested and feeling rested.

Write down how long you slept each day . After the third night, add up all the hours and divide the result by 3. Now you have an average night and you know what your natural sleep time is.

What happens if you sleep too little?

If you regularly enough sleep , you become immune system weakens and is likely more you ill will. Your metabolism can be disrupted and slowed down as a result . You burn fewer calories and gain weight faster.

And because your brain cannot recover properly, your mental performance also decreases . Your memory deteriorates, your hearing deteriorates, you can move less well and even your eyesight can deteriorate. Many people are in a bad mood after a (too) short night and are generally more irritable.

What happens if you sleep too much?

You know the feeling when you have slept much longer than usual. Too much sleep is also unhealthy for your body and can even lead to diabetes or cardiovascular disease .

If you want to lose weight, too much sleep can also interfere with this process. Your blood circulation slows down to such an extent that you can no longer get going properly.

The excess sleep sends a strong signal that the muscles are not needed . So your body makes no effort to further build muscle mass. In fact, the opposite can be the case. Less muscle mass also burns less energy and you lose even less weight.

What can you do if you have sleep problems?

There are several ways to solve your sleeping problems. A fixed daily routine can be useful so that your body can adjust to a certain rhythm.

Do you find it difficult to relax in the evening? Then try doing relaxation exercises. Targeted relaxation prepares you step by step for sleeping and puts your thoughts in sleep mode.

Do you have sleep problems? Then make sure that you eliminate disturbing environmental factors as much as possible . Do not eat or drink the hours before going to bed. Go to the toilet before going to bed so that you don’t wake up suddenly during the night.

The blue light from your smartphones, laptop and TV screen also makes your sleep worse. The solution: Turn off all screens about 1 hour before going to sleep. Instead, opt for a good book and read on the couch until you feel your eyes close . Then it is time to go to bed.


  • The average sleep duration is between seven and nine hours.
  • How long we sleep depends on our lifestyle and our genes.
  • Only some people manage just fine with very little sleep.
  • Too much sleep can lead to diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.
  • Too little sleep can make you more difficult to concentrate and it makes you more irritable.
  • Relaxation exercises can help you sleep better.

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