High-carb diet: lose weight despite all the carbohydrates?

High-carb diet

Carbohydrates (carbs) are often seen as a bad thing. But not on a carbohydrate-rich diet. This mainly consists of carbohydrates. But can you really lose weight from that?

A carbohydrate-rich diet

It will not surprise you, but in the high carb diet you mainly eat carbohydrates . And unlike many other diets, you don’t have to keep a strict record of how many calories you take in. It is much more important to pay attention to your natural hunger and satiety .

However, that does not mean that you can eat anything that contains carbohydrates. Within a carbohydrate-rich diet, there are mainly low-fat and vegan carbohydrates on the menu. For example, you eat a lot of vegetables, fruit and whole grain products . Starchy foods such as rice, potatoes, corn, or beans are good.

The inventor of the high carb diet, Dr. McDougall, also recommends eating slowly and consciously , as our sense of satiety doesn’t start until 15-20 minutes. If you eat too quickly, you will quickly eat too much. Accurately keeping track of how many calories you take in is less important with this diet than feeling full due to the carbohydrates. This also avoids the typical dietary stress and ensures long-term success .

McDougall’s Plan: At best, eating more plant-based carbohydrates automatically creates a calorie deficit that you need to lose weight. And so the kilos fly off! And because you get enough glucose, you don’t have a continuous craving for sweets, which can also prevent a yo-yo effect.

The best carbohydrates for weight loss are: 

  1. Oatmeal provides your body with important fiber.
  2. Legumes such as lentils, chickpeas or beans are rich in proteins.
  3. Potatoes make you feel full for a long time and they also taste delicious – also cold in a salad.

High-carb low-fat diet

But our body also needs good fats , so we do not completely eliminate them from our diet. In the high-carb low-fat diet, the following rule applies: as many fats as necessary, but as little as possible. Good fats for the carbohydrate-rich diet are, for example, avocado, nuts or linseed oil .

It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight or build muscle – we recommend that you always follow a healthy and balanced diet .


  • High-carb is a diet where you prefer to eat carbohydrates 
  • F astfood or simple carbohydrates you should avoid . 
  • Recommended foods are: potatoes, legumes and oatmeal.
  • You can still consume all important fats in a high-carb low-fat diet .

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