Get rid of that beer belly – tips for a tighter stomach

Get rid of that beer belly - tips for a tighter stomach
Do you want to finally feel good in the pool again? No longer having to keep your stomach in? We are happy to help you get rid of your beer belly quickly and look good on vacation or when exercising.

Be proud of your body. We show you how to get rid of tummy quickly and effectively.

It actually makes sense: men with a big belly should do more abs training to get rid of their bellies and train for a six pack. Unfortunately, it is not that simple – your body has no local fat burning on your stomach, supported by doing abdominal exercises. Losing weight is always the result of a complex interplay of the right diet and effective whole-body training.

The 3 best tips to get rid of your tummy

So if you want to get rid of your beer belly for good, it only helps to lower your total fat percentage and get rid of fat in this way. To successfully lose belly fat, it is important to properly coordinate the following 3 components.

  1. Nutrition: Maintain a healthy calorie deficit of 400 to a maximum of 500 kcal per day . In this way, you can lose fat healthily and effectively in the long term, without any yo-yo effect occurring. One kilogram of body fat equals approximately 7000 kcal. With a deficit of 500 calories per day, you could lose a whole kilo of fat in 14 days!
  1. Training: Using a training plan based on a healthy mix of strength and endurance training you can burn extra energy and strengthen your abs. Focus on exercises for your whole body and training with free weights.
  1. Dietary Supplements: When the components of nutrition and training are coordinated, the correct use of dietary supplements can lead to rapid weight loss around the abdomen. Thus, protein shakes suitable for your muscles immediately after exercise to provide nutrients and protein in your diet to increase. This is important, because protein is muscle fuel number # 1 , and only if you consume enough protein can you effectively build abs in the long run.


The best workout for a flat stomach

To train your belly, it is best to ignore the specially developed abdominal muscle trainers – fast results are often expected that these machines cannot promise – the disappointment is great. The key to effectively losing belly fat is to exercise such as deadlifts , bench press, or squats . During these exercises, your whole body works together and you use your muscles in synergy – you consume significantly more calories, exercise more effectively and help your body lose fat faster – the long-term result is a flat stomach and stronger abs .


But patience also plays a major role in the fight against stubborn belly fat. You cannot lose a beer belly that you have “built up” over the years. Especially since building muscle is faster than reducing fat. Your muscles grow a little faster in the beginning and thus “push” the belly fat out. Unfortunately, this often leads to the misconception that strength training makes you fatter and emphasizes the problem areas – a misconception. Patient athletes are rewarded with long-term success in losing belly fat and thus gradually get closer to their dream figure.

As you can read, the road to a six pack is by no means easy, but hard work pays off. If you follow our tips and follow the mix of strength training, improved nutrition, sensible use of sports nutrition and a large dose of patience, in the long run you will be rewarded with a flat and muscular stomach and your beer belly will be gone !

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