Flat stomach – With these 4 tips and exercises you will succeed!

Flat stomach - With these 4 tips and exercises you will succeed!
A flat stomach, who wouldn’t want that? With our 4 tips and exercises your dream will become reality. You can read how to proceed here! 

Flat stomach: That’s how it works

If you observe the most important principle for weight loss, that flat stomach will come naturally. Your calorie balance is decisive . Do you get fewer calories in through your diet than you expend through exercise and sports activities, your body gets energy from the fat cells and trap you so down . Get your daily more calories in than you consume, come up .

In addition to a calorie-restricted diet , the right training is also important.  HIIT and cardio workouts burn any amount of calories . HIIT , in combination with sufficient protein, ensures that your muscles become stronger . These then burn more calories. Even if you are not exercising.

You should know this : Only abdominal muscle training will not help you to get rid of the fat on your stomach. But it generally makes your abs stronger. And the strengthened abdominal muscles make your stomach look flatter.

Quick Facts : You need to maintain your calorie deficit for a flat stomach. HIIT and cardio training will help you burn extra calories and a special abs workout will help you strengthen your stomach.

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Flat stomach with a crash diet and the yo-yo effect

A crash diet does not deliver the desired result, for 2 reasons. First, too great a calorie deficit causes your body to use not only fat, but also proteins as an energy source. These proteins are extracted from muscle mass. And muscles are responsible for your daily calorie consumption.

Less muscle mass also means lower calorie expenditure after the diet. And with that we come to the second drawback of a crash diet. Unlike a change in your diet, diet always comes to an end.

If you start eating again after your diet just like you did before, your old habits will ensure that you gain weight again. And because you now have less muscle mass than before, you will now gain even faster and more than before. The dreaded yo-yo effect.

4 tips for a flat stomach

If you stick to the basic principle of weight loss, nothing can go wrong. With the following tips you can easily maintain your calorie deficit and that flat stomach is suddenly a lot closer.

Drink plenty of water

On average, you need to drink at least 2 liters of water to be properly hydrated. This way your body can function optimally. For example, you will perform better during your training if you have drunk enough water. Your fat burning also functions better.

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Count calories

Do not feel like? Do it anyway. Because this is one of the most effective ways to get a feel for your diet. We recommend that you count calories for at least one week with an app.

Very important : Drinks also contain calories and must therefore be included .

Avoid congested calories

Many foods contain hidden calories. Think of snacks such as wine gums, milk chocolate and chips. But juices and soft drinks also contain a lot of calories and you should therefore avoid as much as possible if you want a flat stomach.

Eating protein and fiber

Proteins are important for your body to build muscle. Fiber cannot be used by your body as an energy source and, like proteins, ensures that you feel full for longer.

4 exercises for a flat stomach

High Knees

Flat stomach - With these 4 tips and exercises you will succeed!













Difficulty: Heavy
Trains: Condition
Pay attention: Your upper body remains straight.

Shelf with hip dips

Flat stomach - With these 4 tips and exercises you will succeed!













Difficulty: Easy
Trains: Your whole core.
Pay attention: Slowly and controlled tilt your hips to the side.

Lay Raises

Flat stomach - With these 4 tips and exercises you will succeed!













Difficulty: Average
Trains: Your straight abs + hip joint
Pay attention: Consciously tighten your stomach so that your back stays flat on the floor.

Russian Twist

Flat stomach - With these 4 tips and exercises you will succeed!













Difficulty: Average
Trains: Stability core
Pay attention: Choose the weight so that you can perform the exercise in a controlled manner.


  • You need a calorie deficit for a flat stomach.
  • Abdominal muscle training alone does not ensure a flat stomach.
  • But it helps to strengthen your abs and makes your stomach appear tighter.
  • A crash diet will only help as long as you stick with it and usually provides the yo-yo effect.
  • Drink enough water and maintain a calorie deficit.
  • Avoid congested calories from sweets, juices and soft drinks.

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