Fit without equipment: 3 workouts with your own body weight

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Do you want to lose weight and have a good figure? We have put together 3 free workouts for you. Train yourself fit without the need for devices, machines or equipment.


Fit without devices: where does the hype come from?

In recent years, training with the help of your own body weight, the so – called bodyweight training , has become increasingly popular. It used to be “not done” in the gym, it was hated during sports at school and for most team sports it was only a necessary part of the warm-up. Today you see more and more people in the park , alone or in groups, using their own body weight to look lean and well-trained .

The hype was mainly created by Mark Lauren and his book “You Are Your Own Gym” . But the inventors of the Freeletics app have also succeeded in giving bodyweight training a new impulse.

Fit without devices: The benefits

Exercising without equipment and weights has a lot to offer. A workout with your own body weight has the following benefits:

  • Bodyweight training is cheap because you don’t need a gym membership.
  • You do not need any devices and are therefore not tied to a specific place .
  • You can easily vary the difficulty of the exercises and adapt it to your training level.
  • The workout is perfect for HIIT workouts .
  • Your body awareness increases sharply.
  • Most exercises target different muscle groups at the same time .
  • You train coordination and endurance.

Fit without devices: Are there any drawbacks?

Of course we do not want to withhold information from you. Bodyweight training also has a few drawbacks you should be aware of:

  • You can only build muscle mass to a certain extent with your own body weight.
  • After that, only your stamina will increase, and not your muscle strength.
  • The most effective workout for your back is a pull-up. But pull-ups are very tough for beginners and seriously overweight people.

Fit without equipment: Your training plan!

Do you also feel like getting started and training with your own body weight? Then we already have 3 workouts for you for which you do not need equipment or weights.

Circuit training

Here you get 10 exercises that you have to perform in succession without a break. Minimum of 3 rounds. Have you progressed? Then do 4 rounds in a row. And if you still have enough strength afterwards, you can also do a 5th lap behind.

Bodyweight training

A workout consisting of 8 different exercises. Each round lasts only 4 minutes . But don’t underestimate this training.

Abs workout

The perfect workout where the focus is on your abs. In this spicy HIIT workout you train all muscle areas of your abdomen. And of course, a strong six-pack can not fail to do so.


  • Getting fit without devices is very easy.
  • With the right exercises you can vary your bodyweight workouts well.
  • You mainly train your strength endurance and coordination.
  • Muscle building is only possible to a limited extent.

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