Firm skin: this is how your diet helps

firm skin

Making holiday plans and would you like to go into the water tight in your bathing suit this summer? In this article you can read how you can get the best out of your beach body with your diet. And how you fight against cellulite. 

How does cellulite develop?

Your skin is your largest organ . It takes over many important tasks in your body. But above all, protects your skin against your influences from outside .

Your skin is divided into three layers :

  1. Cuticle or epidermis
  2. Leather skin or dermis
  3. Subcutaneous tissue or hypodermis

There are collagen fibers in the dermis . This skin layer determines how firm your skin is. The more collagen you have, the tighter your skin is.

Collagen is the most important protein in your body. The dermis consists of about 30% collagen. Like a kind of glue, it keeps your bones skin and teeth together.

Collagen supports your body and makes it flexible .

Your collagen percentage drops every 10 years . This explains why your skin changes over time . It loses its strength .

Your body stores fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue . The bigger they get, the more they push out. This causes visible dents in your skin, also known as cellulite .

What are the causes for weak connective tissue?

The connective tissue of women and men has a different structure. In women , it is thinner and runs in a form that promotes visible cellulite .

In men , the connective tissue is arranged in a completely different way. That is why men usually do not suffer from cellulite .

Whether or not you suffer from cellulite is therefore mainly determined genetically . But hormonal disorders obesity , too little exercise and a poor diet can also promote cellulite .

First of all cellulite is not a disease . It limits you will not to the fullest the summer to enjoy . Because it is very normal .

Of course we understand that you want to get the best out of yourself and your summer Our tip is always a balanced diet and an active lifestyle so that you feel good about yourself.

Does a balanced diet make your skin firmer?

With your diet you should always pay attention to a balanced ratio of carbohydrates and fats , a good portion of proteins and lots of fresh vegetables and fruit .

We show you how you can maximize your connective tissue strengthening with the help of your diet . At the same time, you will feel more comfortable in your own skin.

# Protein

Amino acids are the building blocks for the proteins in your body . You need enough amino acids for your body to function . This also applies to collagen formation .

# Potassium

Potassium strengthens the skin layer in which the fat cells are stored. Potassium-containing foods have a positive effect on the moisture balance and can thus strengthen the skin . So eat bananas raspberries legumes and nuts – they are high in potassium .

# Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very important for collagen production . It is essential for the construction of your connective tissue and therefore for the firmness of your skin .

Vitamin C is mainly found in fresh fruits and vegetables Berries peppers citrus fruits, and broccoli are really good sources .

# Water

Water is the solution to everything . In addition, it helps to retain less moisture and remove waste products . And it keeps your metabolism active.

Drink water and tea instead of sweetened drinks.

# Complex carbohydrates

Avoid white flour products . They consist largely of sugar and contain few nutrients . They ensure that your blood sugar level rises quickly and that more insulin is released. This signals your body to fill its fat cells .

It is best to eat whole grains or legumes , as they contain a high percentage of complex carbohydrates .

# No nicotine and alcohol

Stop with smoking , because nicotine breaks your body’s own collagen off. And enjoy with degree of alcohol , because if your body breaks down alcohol , it stops the breakdown of fat. This causes your skin to lose its firmness .


  • Collagen is the most important protein in your body
  • It also provides firmness to your skin
  • Cellulite is very normal and does not limit your life
  • A balanced diet high in fiber, protein and fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce its size.
  • In addition to a balanced diet, targeted strength training is important to tighten your skin.

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