Dewatering your body (dehydration): this is how you get rid of all the excess moisture!

Dewatering your body

Do you feel that you are retaining an unnecessary amount of moisture? We are happy to show you how you can get rid of all that water in your body in the right way. And so quickly get rid of those unnecessary pounds.

Are you a competitive athlete and do you need to dewater your body quickly and in the short term to get to a certain weight? Then click straight to chapter 5 and you can read how athletes prepare for their competitions.

Dewatering your body: Find the cause first

If you notice that your body is retaining a lot of water , this can be for many reasons . For example, pregnant women , the elderly and menopausal women have more problems with water retention. But the hormone balance can also lead to (too much) fluid retention in young women during menstruation .

Also, diseases such as heart disease or kidney failure may fluid retention cause. If a wrong diet and too little exercise are added to this, this can only aggravate the fluid surplus.

What all these causes have in common is that the moisture is stored in places where you least want it. In most cases, the fluid mainly ends up on the thighs buttocks stomach upper arms or ankles .

What does your body need water for?

The body of an adult consists on average of 70% of water . Every day we lose part of our body water through the skin and through breathing. All that water in our body serves as a means of transport for various substances . Thus it ensures that our blood can flow, which pollutants are discharged and that our brains properly functioning , to name just a few points.

This is probably familiar to you from days when you have drunk too little: During the course of the day you can no longer deliver the same performance while exercising, you are less concentrated when studying or you suddenly get a big headache. These are the first signs of dehydration.

Dewatering with the help of food

There are several ways to rid your body of excess water. Most of the time it is enough to dewater your body with the help of certain foods . It is often enough to include these foods in your daily routine for a few days.

Important : It may sound contradictory, but if you want to dewater your body, make sure you drink enough .

The reason : You have already read above that your body only functions properly with enough water. If you have too few drinks , you will body try even harder fought to save for emergencies . If you give your body enough water , it will also remove the excess fluid more quickly .

Therefore we recommend to natural foods with a high water and potassium content of food. Cucumber, melon, pineapple, strawberries and asparagus are particularly suitable for dewatering. But also artichokes, onions, garlic, carrots, avocados, potatoes and even rice have a diuretic effect. And then there are nuts such as hazelnuts, cashews, peanuts and almonds. And dried fruits in the form of apricots or bananas are also high in potassium.

Note : you may only consume potassium in small amounts and in the form of natural food .

Conversely, there are of course also foods that you can best avoid if you want to quickly and effectively rid your body of excess fluid. In addition to alcohol and caffeine salt is also on this list. Because the commonly used seasoning of table salt consists mainly of sodium . Sodium has a strong moisture-retaining effect .

Dewater with different types of tea

Do you want to support your body in dehydrating? You can easily do this by drinking the right drinks. Various types of tea in particular have a diuretic effect. For example, you can choose from nettle, parsley, birch leaf, horsetail, dandelion, ginger and green tea.

Other methods of dewatering your body

In addition to well-balanced diet, there are also other ways to get from the excess water to get rid of .

1. Dewater with lymphatic drainage

If the fluid build-up in your body is so strong that it is already causing pain, lymphatic drainage can be helpful . The tissue is stimulated with a special technique. Unlike massage, the tissue is treated very gently here . In this way, the lymphatic system , which is responsible for removing the tissue fluid, is stimulated .

2. Drainage with the help of foot reflexology massage

foot reflex massage can also activate the lymph system as well as the liver and kidneys and thus help to drain the body itself.

3. Dewater your body with moderate endurance training

While unilateral stress , such as sitting for a long time and even standing without much movement, can also lead to water retention , gentle endurance training is very suitable for dewatering your body. Cycling in particular has the advantage that it is also not very stressful for your joints . In this way, your whole body is activated and you just sweat all the excess moisture out, and it is also better transported and excreted in the body.

4. Dewatering your body with a fascia roll

Do you happen to have a fascia role at home? Super! Because when you roll over your muscles , you stimulate your lymph system at the same time . As with lymphatic drainage, the body ‘s own drainage mechanisms are activated.

Dehydration before the game

Unlike people who suffer from fluid retention, athletes such as bodybuilders and martial artists, whose competitions are divided into different weight classes, try to lose a few hundred grams, sometimes even a few kilograms, within a very short time using certain techniques.

Although fat can only be broken down slowly, it is quite possible to lose 1 kilogram in the form of moisture in a short time . You just have to be aware that you will not lose this weight in the long term , usually the weight will have been added the next day .

For this, many martial artists like to train in special sweat suits and with some extra clothing . After the training, they also quickly enter the sauna . Until the match they eat almost nothing and only drink a little water.

Bodybuilders often handle drainage in a much more professional manner. They have a precise diet plan , which tells them exactly how much protein, carbohydrates, fat and water they are allowed to consume. They succeed to the maximum muscle volume to maintain , while their water content to a minimum limit.

Important : Dewatering your body in this way is only a solution to lose weight and water in the very short term.


  • Make sure you first look for the cause of the excess fluid.
  • Dewatering only works if you drink enough.
  • Foods high in moisture and potassium content help with dewatering.
  • Alcohol and caffeine ensure that you retain even more moisture.
  • Salt is usually sodium, which ensures that you retain even more moisture.
  • Different types of tea help your body to remove moisture.
  • Lymph drainage, foot reflexology, moderate endurance training and massages with a fascia role stimulate the drainage of moisture through the tissues.
  • Drainage methods for competitive athletes only have a short-term effect.

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