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clean eating

Clean eating is booming. But what is it exactly ? Is this food trend also suitable for athletes? And how can you apply clean eating in your daily life? We provide the answers to the most important questions.

Blogs, instagram feeds, but also cookbooks – the clean eating trend from America has now also arrived with us. What clean eating means in detail differs per view. The concept was created by Tosca Reno – the American clean eating pioneer. Since then there have been various versions of clean eating . We have listed the basics for you.

What does clean eating actually mean?

Clean eating means that you eat foods that are naturally pure. And by pure is meant that they are natural and not industrially processed . Fast food and junk food are taboo. All highly processed foods, such as ready meals, white flour products, meat products and white sugar products are excluded.

Rule of thumb: The shorter the ingredient list, the more natural the food.


Clean eating is generally organic. The pursuit of natural nutrition contradicts the use of pesticides. Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy oils are at the top of the diet .

Eggs, fresh fish or high-quality meat from suitable livestock farming can also be a component of clean eating.

5 golden clean eating rules

1. Go for balanced meals

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins – every meal should contain these three macronutrients . How you distribute these properly is up to you and depends on your goal.

Eat healthy fats

Coconut oil, avocado, nuts, fresh fish. Those are the fats of the future. Good for your health, joints and mood. Highly heated trans fats and saturated fatty acids are from yesterday. So fish fingers and fried food don’t count.

3. Avoid ready meals, fast food and junk food

Lasagna, pizza and burgers are best left on the menu. Homemade , from fresh, quality ingredients.

Eat whole foods and avoid sugar

Refined carbohydrates, especially sugar and white flour products, do not belong to clean eating. They provide energy quickly, but are of no use to our body. They cause insulin spikes and binge eating. Whole grain and pseudocereals are the perfect alternative. For the sweet tooth, there is raw cocoa, fruit and dried fruit .

Choose natural foods

In short: everything that is organic and processed as little as possible. Chemical dyes, E numbers, etc. do not occur in nature. Pesticides contain harmful substances, for which there is no room for clean eating.


What may seem impractical at first is relatively easy to implement in your daily life. Be willing to change your habits and you’ll be fine!

You decide how much clean eating you do, what suits you or is good for you. With clean eating, the cleaner, the better.

5 tips for clean eating in everyday life

Discover the organic shop

The ingredient lists of products are usually shorter . Highly processed foods are out of the question and vegetables are rarely packaged. You will also find sweets and snacks here, which fit the clean eating principle.

2. Be prepared

What’s on the program today? Prepare your lunch and bring some snacks. This way you avoid reaching for fast food. Quinoa and whole grain pasta can be perfectly combined with fresh vegetables and pumpkin seeds. Nuts & Berries are the ideal snack for in between. Chia pudding or other chia seed recipes are very useful for breakfast at the office.

3. Learn to listen to your body

Junk food, stress and misguided eating often prevent us from understanding our body’s signals. Do you really feel like chocolate or are you just stressed? Instead, listen to your body twice and act accordingly. If that is ultimately chocolate, go for it and enjoy!

Clean eating for athletes

Sport and clean eating fit together perfectly. Many natural foods such as nuts, legumes, fresh meat, eggs and fish, as well as seeds and kernels, such as chia seeds, provide high-quality protein and healthy fats.

Complex carbohydrates and fiber are found in vegetables and pseudocereals. This natural food provides athletes with a number of benefits:

  • Natural foods are rich in micronutrients that stimulate recovery and performance.
  • Due to the minimal intake of chemicals, your body does not have to spend much energy on the breakdown of harmful substances and can therefore give more power to recovery and performance.
  • Through clean eating you learn to listen to the needs of your body. That way it always gets what it needs.
  • Fresh food provides energy. For your performance and for life.


  • Clean eating is suitable for athletes.
  • A few small adjustments are enough to make your daily life cleaner.
  • It also applies to food supplements: the more natural, the better.
  • Clean eating is balanced. Clean eating makes you feel full. And it must feel good.
  • If it doesn’t work right away, don’t give up. Your body and mind need time to get used to the changes.

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