Cardio Workout: Benefits, Methods and Heart Rate

Cardio Workout

Improve your stamina, stimulate your fat burning and stay fit. Anyone Can Benefit From Cardio Training! We are happy to show you the benefits.

What is cardio training?

Cardio training is the term for endurance training on equipment. Endurance training includes all sports that increase your breathing and heart rate. You can use only your legs, only your arms or both. Fitness courses also fall under cardio training.

For example, the most popular cardio machines in the gym are:

  • Treadmill
  • Bicycle ergometer
  • Cross trainer
  • Stepper
  • Stairmaster
  • Rowing machine

What are the benefits of cardio training?

Endurance training is not only fun to do, but it also has a positive effect on various body functions .

  • Heart and vessels:
    • Your heart works more frugally.
    • You have a lower heart rate.
    • Increase in stroke volume.
    • Lowering blood pressure.
    • Blood circulation disorders can be prevented.
    • Your blood vessels are better protected.
  • Muscles:
    • It strengthens your muscles.
    • Your muscles are better nourished and can regenerate faster.
    • Your muscles become more efficient.
    • Your body fat percentage decreases.
  • Lungs:
    • Your tidal volume increases.
    • Your lungs work more effectively.
    • Your body is better supplied with oxygen.
  • Brain:
    • Your ability to concentrate increases.
    • Your brain has a better blood supply.
    • New connections of brain cells are created.
  • Blood:
    • Blood cells multiply.
    • More oxygen is transported.
    • Your organs are better taken care of.
    • The risk of thrombosis can be reduced.
  • Immune system:
    • The number of antibodies is increased, which strengthens your immune system.
    • Insulin can be reduced.
    • Your muscles store more glycogen.
  • Spirit:
    • It has a stress-reducing and calming effect.
    • It can prevent depression.
    • The happiness hormone serotonin is produced.
    • Sleep disturbances can be prevented.

Training methods – how can you train?

There are various training options for cardio training. Which training method is right for you depends on your goal, your condition, your state of health, the time available and your motivation.

The methods of sustainability training are endurance training , interval training and repetition training .

Endurance training

Endurance training is one of the most popular forms of cardio training. You train with a constant load, without a break . The intensity depends on your condition and the type of endurance training. The average training time is between 30 and 60 minutes. But the training can also take several hours. The duration method is divided into 3 variants:

Extensive endurance training
Application Health training; fitness training; Fat Burning; accelerated recovery; improving your basic stamina
Training intensity 60-70% of your maximum heart rate
Exercise duration at least 60 minutes

Intensive endurance training 

Application Health training; fitness training; Fat Burning; accelerated recovery; improving your basic stamina
Training intensity at least 75% of your maximum heart rate
Exercise duration 30-60 minutes

Variable endurance training 

Application Preparation for competitions; ball sports
Training intensity 70-80% of your maximum heart rate
Exercise duration at least 30 minutes to several hours

Interval training

Interval training is characterized by the alternation of loading and recovery phases . The duration of the recovery phase is selected so that sufficient energy is available again for the next load. A complete regeneration does not take place.

With interval training you work on better endurance, speed and endurance during long endurance training. Your calorie consumption is higher than with the endurance training.

Interval training also promotes the afterburn effect. Your body burns more calories, even after the cardio workout. Interval training can be divided into extensive and intensive training.

Extensive interval training

The extensive interval training is especially suitable for beginners. You train with a high training volume and a low intensity. Your heart rate should be at 70% of your maximum heart rate.

Intensive interval training

With the intensive interval training you train with a relatively small training volume and a high intensity. The goal of the load phases is 80-90% of your maximum heart rate.

Refresher training

With the repetition method you combine short, intensive training phases with recovery phases. The difference with the interval training is that the break serves for complete regeneration . This training method is mainly used as preparation for competitions.

Determine and calculate your heart rate

To monitor your training, train with a maximum heart rate during cardio training. Your heart rate depends on many factors. Your age, gender, condition and weight all play a role.

Professional performance diagnostics self-tests and general formulas are available to determine your maximum heart rate . We show you three formulas that you can use for the calculation. However, these are just guidelines. In addition, trust your body and listen to your feelings.

Many cardio machines are equipped with sensors on the handles that show you your values ​​during training. By working with a chest strap and / or a heart rate monitor, you can get more accurate readings. That way you don’t have to hold the sensors continuously.

Formula 1:

Maximum heart rate = 220 – age in years

Formula # 2:

Maximum heart rate = 208 – 0.7 x age in years

Formula # 3:

Maximum heart rate = 208 – 0.6 x age in years

Note : gender is not included in these formulas. The female heart is smaller. On average, women have a higher heart rate than men.

Listen to music during cardio training!

Music makes training easier. Adapt your playlist to your cardio workout . This will help you last longer. And the music makes it easier to find and maintain the right tempo.

The emotional effect of music increases your motivation and makes you feel good. Fast beats can help you achieve even better performance .


  • Cardio training is endurance training on equipment
  • It has a positive effect on the heart, blood vessels, muscles, lungs, brain, blood, immune system and mind
  • The training methods are: interval training, endurance training and the repetition method
  • With a simple formula you can roughly calculate your heart rate yourself
  • Music supports you during the cardio workout

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