Beef jerky – the convenience of dried meat

Beef jerky - the convenience of dried meat

Thin slices of buffalo meat or salmon were dried in the summer sun and smoked over the fire. Then the meat was flavored with local herbs to create the dried meat – called “Pemmikan” by the Indians.

Dried meat, the fast source of protein

The Indians and Inuit benefited greatly from dried meat during the long distances they traveled for hunting or during the cold winter months. The dried meat was ideal: it is easy to carry , has a long shelf life and thanks to its high protein content, it gives your body a lot of energy .

For centuries, meat has been dried in various countries around the world to preserve it for as long as possible and to produce energy-rich food.

During the production process, the meat loses about 40-50% of its water content. The result is a high- protein snack that is low in fat, carbohydrates and calories .

An advantage is that you can use any type of meat for the production of dried meat. In the past buffalo meat and salmon were preferred by the Inuit, nowadays beef or veal is popular or game, hence the name ‘beef jerky’.

The benefits of dried meat

Beef jerky, or beef, is high in protein and high in magnesium and iron . It contains essential amino acids , which means that athletes in particular benefit from the salty dried beef. Amino acids play a decisive role in muscle performance and support muscle building .

And because of its low cholesterol content and low calorie count, dried meat is not only attractive to athletes, but also fits well within a low- carbohydrate diet .

Beef jerky – then and now

In the past buffalo meat, nowadays beef. The meat is different, the preparation is similar and the dried meat is still used today – as you could say – as travel provisions . Not much has actually changed.

The Indians were already convinced of the healthy dried meat and its nutritional values, we can also benefit from it today and convince ourselves. Without too much fuss, beef jerky is a healthy snack all day long.

Especially after a workout or late at night , dried meat is a healthy snack par excellence. Thanks to its low fat content, it is not heavy on the stomach and the proteins can have a positive effect on the regeneration of the muscles at night .


Dried meat has been a healthy snack for centuries. The Indians once invented it and today we can benefit from a snack with a high protein content . Beef jerky provides energy for endurance and strength and supports your muscles.

Dried meat provides a long-lasting feeling of satiety and can prevent a massive hunger attack. At work, when traveling, after exercise – and in salads or soups, for example – dried meat comes in handy everywhere and you can easily integrate it into your diet.

But keep in mind: a healthy and balanced diet does not only consist of meat, but also contains a lot of fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, etc. Meat should not be eaten excessively , but it can be included in a specific diet plan.

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