Balanced Diet: That’s why it’s important

balanced diet

Are you completely fed up with plunging from one diet to another? With a balanced diet, you say goodbye to short-term results. 

What is a balanced diet?

Balanced diet is varied and colorful. It is important for your health and your personal well-being.

Regardless of how healthy a food is, it can never provide your body with all the micro and macronutrients .

That is why a one-sided diet is not recommended.

You eat in a balanced way if you use the diversity of food and eat in the right amounts.

For a versatile diet, we recommend that you use as many food groups as possible when planning your meals . Think of the Disk of 5.

Why do you have to eat a balanced diet?

Low- carb or paleo not for you? No one wants to be dependent on a diet for a lifetime.

Balanced nutrition is not difficult to maintain. It fits into your everyday life and even your grandmother’s birthday.

A balanced diet does not prohibit anything. On the contrary: it is recommended to eat whatever you feel like. But always keep that natural balance in mind.

Do you want to lose weight or build muscle? Your calorie balance is decisive on the way to your fitness goal . If you want to lose weight, you need a calorie deficit. For constructive goals, you just need a calorie surplus.

For the best training results, you need to know your personal calorie requirement .

The big advantage of a balanced diet is: with a calorie deficit it is unlikely that you will develop a shortage of certain nutrients.

You limit your calorie intake, but your meals are still versatile and consist of various food groups .

How can you eat a balanced diet?

We recommend a diet that consists of 50-65% carbohydrates , 15-25% proteins and 20-30% fats .

A good ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients is essential for a balanced diet .

The Nutrition Center recommends eating 2 servings of fruit and 250 grams of vegetables a day. Variation is extremely important here!

Micronutrients are vital to your body and allow you to function normally.

Do you not feel like worrying all the time whether you have eaten enough varied?

The board method can help you with that. Very easy, without numbers or percentages.

Divide your plate or bowl imaginary into 4 pieces. First fill your plate with fresh vegetables or fruits. In your main meal, vegetables should make up about half of your plate.

In your daily balance, we recommend that you eat slightly more vegetables than fruit. Make sure your plate looks colorful.
Don’t forget to take an extra portion of green vegetables. Spinach, kale. etc. are important energy suppliers for your body.

Then fill a quarter of your plate with grains. It doesn’t matter what: oat flakes, rice or pasta. Choose the wholemeal variety as much as possible. These are not only high in carbohydrates, but also provide important micronutrients and fiber .

Fill the rest of your plate with vegetable proteins . Lentils and kidney beans are good sources of protein.

Don’t forget to garnish your food with a handful of nuts. This way you are assured of an easy portion of healthy fats.

Still not convinced that you are eating a balanced diet? A food diary in which you keep track of everything you eat can help you become more aware of your eating habits.

Recipes for a balanced diet

VEGAN choco muesli bowl

The ideal kickstart of your day with our vegan choco muesli bowl . In addition to the optimal ratio of macronutrients, you can also add fresh fruit to your bowl. This way you provide your body with an extra portion of nutrients.

Fast rice salad

Balanced diet to go. With this rice salad you can be assured of a healthy lunch in advance!

goat cheese salad with fruit

Combine cheese and jam for a tasty variety. Forget boring dishes!

Our conclusion

  • Balanced diet means versatile eating
  • There are no prohibitions or rules
  • Make sure you eat colorful
  • Combine various food groups

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