Avoid These 5 Weight Loss Exercise Mistakes

Weight Loss Exercise Mistakes

Your goal: lose weight quickly and permanently. Then make sure to avoid the following five common mistakes when exercising. Then the chance that you will succeed is much higher!

Do you want to have a slim and toned figure again this summer ? The combination of the right training and a healthy and balanced diet are the key to your summer body . Unfortunately, there are a few exercise mistakes that keep you from losing weight properly that are still made regularly.

You rely entirely on cardio

You have probably heard that cardio training at a moderate speed and a pulse rate of about 120 bpm would be the most effective in stimulating fat burning. Today we know that this is only partially true. Because training methods such as HIIT and Tabata , which bring your heart rate to the maximum level in a short time, are much more effective .

And these methods also save you a lot of time , because you don’t train for more than 30 minutes , depending on the workout. At the same time, due to the high load, it takes longer for your heart rate to return to the resting value. That means you will burn even more calories long after your workout . This is often referred to as the afterburning effect .

You eat too little and don’t get enough protein

This tip does not focus directly on your training or training method, but just as important for achieving success is that you give your body enough energy. And provides your muscles with enough protein after training . Because without proteins you cannot build muscle mass .

If you calculate and adjust your calorie needs at the beginning of a diet , you will lose weight. The more weight you lose, the more your daily calorie requirement decreases. At some point you will come to a point where your calorie consumption and your calorie intake are back in balance. Then it is time to recalculate your calorie requirement and adjust your diet accordingly.

If you stop your diet instead because you are no longer losing weight, you will notice a yo-yo effect .

You are afraid of weights

Another well-known weight loss training mistake is avoiding weight loss exercises. Heavy weights are usually skipped for fear of putting on huge muscles.

But don’t worry, years of training really precede this. And you need a constant calorie surplus for it. And even then, as a woman, you don’t build the same amount of muscle, because you simply don’t have the hormones for this.

We encourage you to occasionally with weights to train . Because muscles shape your body better than any diet. They make your legs, buttocks, stomach, arms and back look much tighter and you automatically assume a better posture .

You stay in your comfort zone

Another weight loss training mistake that keeps you from getting the results you want is getting stuck in your comfort zone. What does that mean?

Do you really push yourself to exercise ? Are you pushing your limits ? Are you working up a sweat – or do you find that your muscles just don’t have the strength anymore , even with a much easier exercise? If this feeling doesn’t sound familiar to you, you haven’t left your comfort zone yet.

If you venture outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis, you will find yourself getting better and better. What you find difficult today will be easy in a few weeks and you will continue to overcome new challenges.

You train too irregularly

Recovery is an important factor in exercise success . But do not mistake a body longer pause to give than necessary is. Because with this you immediately destroy your training successes .

If you are just starting out, we recommend that you take a maximum of 2 days break between the different training units . If you do not have muscle pain or are not completely exhausted, a one day break is also sufficient. This way you can take full advantage of the principle of super compensation for a quick workout success.


  • Maintain a calorie deficit and avoid a crash diet.
  • Make sure you eat enough protein to grow your muscle mass.
  • Also do HIIT and Tabata instead of just cardio.
  • Also train with weights to make your muscles grow faster.
  • Leave your comfort zone.
  • Exercise every other day, at least every third day.

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