Are you satisfied? 6 tips for more satisfaction and joie de vivre


More and more people strive for satisfaction. But getting there is not that easy at all. In this article you will find 6 practical tips for a satisfied life.

What is satisfaction really?

Most of the time, satisfaction is what means happiness. But these two concepts do not mean the same at all. Happiness is usually short-lived . You find happiness when you suddenly find money or win a match.

Satisfaction is much more an inner attitude about yourself and your environment. If you accept and don’t judge yourself and your fellow human beings, you will experience satisfaction. Satisfaction is much more constant and more important to your quality of life than happiness.

What does satisfaction depend on?

Many people think they are satisfied as soon as they own new material things (such as a big house, a car, new clothes or jewelry). But these things only bring short-lived happiness .

Much more important for satisfaction are intangible things such as a balanced work-life balance. But also contact with other people, exercising personal hobbies – and the occasional little stress that will get you out of your comfort zone.

Tip 1: social contacts

Social contacts – your friends and family, but also vague acquaintances from the sports club – are important for your satisfaction. Through contact with your fellow human beings you get new impulses and insights. You automatically look beyond your nose and find inspiration for how you want to shape your own life.

You may also often think that your life can be better. By being in regular contact with others, you don’t learn everything is going perfectly with anyone. It may sound mean, but that way you learn to appreciate your own life more.

Tip 2: master new challenges

Challenges are exhausting and cause stress. Yet stress is not necessarily a negative thing. To some extent, stress is even a positive thing and activates your physical and psychological activities .

A new challenge also ensures that you learn something new. You develop further and eventually you feel relieved and satisfied, while you have taken on a challenge again.

Tip 3: a healthy body

Wondering how a healthy body can provide more satisfaction? That is very simple. With a healthier body you will get sick less often, you will suffer less from ailments in your daily life, you are generally more active and you will automatically feel better about yourself.

And those who feel good about themselves are generally more balanced and self-assured and are less likely to be upset. How do you get a healthy body? You achieve physical health with a balanced diet and the right balance between sport , exercise and regeneration .

In sports and exercise, it is not about how many hours you train or are on your feet every day. It is more important to signal to your muscles that they are being used. A walk of half an hour during your lunch break or after work is already very relaxing and stimulates your cardiovascular system.

Through strength training such as HIIT , Tabata , circuit training and weight training in the gym you burn calories and strengthen your muscles at the same time. Strong muscles relieve your joints . This also helps you, for example, if you suffer from shoulder or back complaints.

Tip 4: self-realization

Self-realization, or self-realization, also leads to more satisfaction. It does not matter whether you are going to exercise, draw, craft or take pictures. It is especially important that you do something that you enjoy and that you can enjoy yourself freely and effortlessly .

Tip 5: gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most underrated qualities. A portion of gratitude makes you generally go through life more positively and attentively . Gratitude is about learning to pay attention to the little things that make your day just that little bit better.

Often we are completely unaware of the positive things that happen in one day. With a good portion of conscious gratitude, you focus on exactly these things, and over time you learn that there are many things that make your day more beautiful.

Tip 6: your conscious choice

As you may have noticed, satisfaction is much more constant and not as strongly associated with hormones, as is the case with happiness. All the tips mentioned above are your own, conscious choices.

You can choose which tip (s) you want to apply to yourself. And so it is with satisfaction. Only you can choose to be satisfied with yourself and your environment .


  • Satisfaction and happiness are not the same.
  • Satisfaction has more to do with a particular attitude to life.
  • Material things only provide momentary moments of happiness, but do not affect your sense of satisfaction.
  • Social contacts, new challenges, a healthy body, self-realization and gratitude ensure (more) satisfaction in the long term.
  • You can consciously choose to be more satisfied.

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