Are you hungry or hungry? – What is the difference?

Hunger and appetite

You have only just put in the last bite of your breakfast, but you are immediately hungry again. Can you really be hungry again? We show you the difference between hunger and appetite (or appetite). Then you no longer have to let your body fool you.

Hunger and appetite: what’s the difference?

Hunger is a function of your body that you have had since birth . This innate function protects you against malnutrition and deficiencies.

Hunger signals your body to rebalance its energy balance .

So you can imagine that you are really hungry only in rare cases . And so often confuses your appetite with hunger .

The water runs into your mouth and you really pull piece of chocolate . And before you know it, that one piece has become whole bar ?

Appetite comes mainly from sensory stimuli . We all know it: the smell of freshly baked bread long before the entrance of your favorite bakery, the smell of fresh apple pie when you enter the supermarket… It makes you suddenly really want to eat something. You get hungry for it.

But as a psychological component , our  appetite is also determined by the pleasure of eating, the pleasure or certain preferences.

If you can distinguish hunger from appetite , it is also easier to keep your goals in mind and avoid annoying hunger attacks.

How does hunger arise?

The hunger and satiety center in your brain is closely linked to your body. Signals are received and sent through your brain.

Hunger and satiety depend on a variety of processes and procedures, some of which have not yet been fully explored .

The hunger hormone ghrelin

One study has concluded that the hormone ghrelin , also known as the hunger hormone, produced in the stomach causes hunger .

Before a meal , the natural ghrelin concentration in the body higher than after a meal .

Have you ever noticed that after a night out, and therefore a short night , you are hungry all day long ? In one study, scientists found that our appetite increases with a lack of sleep . This is attributed to the fact that lack of sleep causes your ghrelin levels to rise.

How does saturation work?

The more you eat , the fuller your stomach will be. Your stomach wall expands and gives a signal to your brain: you have the feeling that you are full.

Our tip : do you want to eat healthy in the long term and achieve your goals?

We recommend a balanced diet consisting of a good ratio of proteins fats and carbohydrates . Replace simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates that contain important dietary fiber .

Fiber swells up in your stomach as it absorbs moisture and expands more than other foods.

The satiety hormone leptin

Leptin is responsible for the feeling of satiety. high concentration in your body causes you to stop eating . Your body now receives the signal to get its energy from other sources.

If you feel full , you have a high concentration of leptin . This hormone is produced in your fat cells . Conversely, this means that the more fat cells you have, the more leptin is produced.

Studies have shown that overweight people may have leptin resistance . Despite having a high amount of leptin , the associated signal transmission is limited. Leptin therefore loses its satiety effect.

Our tip : the key to distinguishing between hunger and appetite is eating consciously . Take your time – for yourself and for the food .

Eat slowly and chew your food well. When you get hungry consciously observe it and listen to yourself: are you hungry or just hungry ?


  • Hunger is an innate feeling and protects you from malnutrition
  • Appetite is the psychological sense of food and can make you crave something tasty
  • Hunger and satiety are based on many complex processes in your body
  • The hormone ghrelin makes you hungry
  • The hormone leptin makes you feel full
  • Eat consciously and avoid eating uncontrolled

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