4 tips to improve your self-awareness


Do you also know people who have so much self-confidence? You think people are born that way. You either have it or you don’t. STOP! Anyone can improve their self-awareness.

What is self-awareness?

Self-awareness is the awareness of your own skills . Some people seem to have a lot of self-awareness, some not at all. Many people are aware of their weaknesses rather than their strengths. You can speak of a lack of self-confidence here .

You may also know of those people who seem to be confident, but have not achieved anything yet. These people are at best convinced of themselves . They are a perfect example of a false self-awareness .

Truly self-aware people are, as the word implies, aware of themselves. This includes the strengths and weaknesses . If you think that you have no strengths and have achieved nothing in your life that you can be proud of, we can reassure you: Everyone can become more self-aware from today to tomorrow. Check out our tips.

Improve self-awareness – BECOME aware of your powers

The most important tip for quickly becoming more self-aware is: Be aware of your strengths. Have you graduated? Do you have to give a presentation? Did you get your driver’s license? Do you always offer a listening ear to people who need help? Or are you particularly good with animals?

It’s not about because you’re the best. Just write down any positive qualities you have. Also think about the positive qualities that your friends and family give you.

Improve self-awareness with sports

Sport is especially good for boosting your self-confidence. It does not matter whether you are doing fitness training or a team sport, in any kind of sport you go through a learning process and you always achieve small and large successes.

For example, you notice that you can lift more weight week after week. Or you can finally start a new, more difficult exercise after weeks of hard training. Maybe you finally beat the defender in a duel during a game of football or you celebrate another success.

With sports you continuously book new successes and with that you strengthen your self-confidence.

Improve self-awareness with a journal

It is a wonderful feeling when you finally achieve success. Make sure you don’t forget this quickly. So buy a notebook and put it on your bedside table.

Before going to sleep, grab a pen every night and write down your day’s small and big successes in a few sentences. A small sense of success a day is enough. Can you think of more? The more the better. Do this exercise for 2 weeks and see how it gets easier and easier to name your success.

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Question your thoughts

Without realizing it, many people occasionally put themselves down for no reason. When something goes wrong, they say to themselves “I am a failure.” But failures are very normal.

If you too find yourself putting yourself down now and then, realize that these negative thoughts don’t have to be the truth. Question them and change them. Instead, think about what you can learn from this failure and do better next time.

Benefits of a strong self-awareness

Strong self-confidence has no disadvantages, but it does have many advantages. If you are aware of yourself you will be much more confident and act in many situations. Whether in daily life, at work or in stressful situations.

It will be easier for you to accept your weaknesses precisely because you are so aware of your strengths. This makes it easier to accept criticism and not take it personally. You radiate this self-confidence and you will automatically appear more charismatic to the people around you.

Your increased self-confidence provides security, even in unfamiliar situations. It will be easier to take on and master new challenges. Of course you can keep track of your new successes in your diary and thus strengthen your self-confidence again. In this way you develop a personal spiral of success.


  • A strong self-awareness is not innate, but you can learn it.
  • A realistic self-awareness is the realization of your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • If you don’t feel confident, make yourself aware of your strengths first.
  • Exercise brings a sense of success.
  • Write down your successes regularly so that you don’t forget them.
  • Question negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones.
  • Boosting your confidence helps you build your personal spiral of success.

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