11 super simple tricks to reach your goals faster

reach your goals faster
Build muscle, lose weight, live healthier. You have made many plans again. But how are you going to keep it up? There are many little tricks that can help you succeed. In this article, we’ll show you a few.

There is no one way to achieve your goal. And you don’t have to work your way through our list of tips step by step. But the more you pay attention, the faster you will reach your goal.

What makes you happy? Make it your goal.

Only something that makes you happy will make you more successful in the long run. So think in advance what you really want . Why are you pursuing your goal? Does it make you happy? If so, then focus on this goal. Work on yourself. And if you notice along the way that you prefer something different, change course. You will learn a lot about yourself.

Not just a vague idea. Make your goal SMART.

The big secret: achieving your goal is a matter of the right strategy . And above all, it must be SMART :

  • Specific:
    Write down what you want to achieve in one sentence: “I want to build muscle.”
  • Measurable:
    Define numbers to make your goal measurable: “I want to build 15 kilos of muscle mass.”
  • Acceptable:
    Ok… That’s quite a lot. Take the challenge! But do choose a goal that suits you: “Okay, okay. I want to build 5 kilos of muscle mass. ”
  • Realistic:
    Be realistic about everything you do. Anything else can only cause frustration. So think about what time frame you set yourself for what goals. “I want to build 5 kilos of muscle mass in 16 weeks.”
  • Time-bound:
    You must have an end date. And that is a very good motivator! So set a specific day as the deadline. (And to celebrate!): “I would like to build 5 kilos of muscle mass from April 1 to July 22 (16 weeks).”

By aligning your goals with these five criteria, you can set a precise goal , determine the best path to it, and make your success tangible .

In the starting blocks on the road to success
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Your end goal is the long distance. Your intermediate goals are sprints.

Once you’ve formulated your goal SMART, you need to break it down into intermediate goals that are also smart. For example: in two weeks I want to lose 1 kilo. Check whether you have reached your intermediate goal . Yes? Awesome! Celebrate your success and reward yourself. For example with your favorite whey protein shake . Did you not achieve your goal? Find out why.

#Instafame is fun. But you are much more fun

Role models are certainly motivational. But don’t compare yourself to their image. They also started small. Just like you. Only compare your own performance. With what you did yesterday, last week, last month, last year. Measure yourself and celebrate your progress . You will see: You can only surpass yourself.

Don’t change your whole life right away… Integrate healthy habits into your lifestyle step by step!

A whole new life from now on? That can never go well. Make your life healthier little by little. For example, start by adjusting just one meal per day to your goals. And choose a healthier snack as often as possible . Or start exercising twice a week. Later, three … then maybe four …

Our tip : small changes can yield a lot! Use coconut oil instead of rapeseed oil for baking, eat a handful of nuts and berries instead of chips and a protein bar instead of pie.

Step by step to a fit body
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Snacks are important. So snack yourself fit!

Whatever your goal, snacking will keep you in shape. It helps you feel good and reward yourself. You just feel better if you can have a snack every now and then. But the danger is: Snacks with a lot of sugar quickly provide energy, but you also lose it just as quickly.

That is why it is better to opt for protein-rich snacks with fiber and healthy fats . This way you keep feeling full for longer and you also get important micronutrients. Nuts & Berries or a Protein Bar are ideal snacks on the go.

Above all, continue to enjoy good food. With more protein. And vegetables.

To get fitter, make sure you keep eating enough. The secret is the correct ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats . Especially when you work towards your beach body, proteins are essential. And fresh fruits and vegetables should be on your menu every day.

Forget forbidden foods. Just improve your favorite food!

Diet plan: yes, prohibited: no. Because let’s be honest, we always want exactly what we are not allowed to do. Stick to your own habits and preferences. Do you like pizza? Then make a pizza with baking protein .

Do it together: make your body your team partner!

Juice treatments, detox supplements and fasting are all the rage. You can participate, but you don’t have to. Most importantly, you learn to listen to your body . Every time you want to eat something, ask yourself why you eat what you eat.

Train your strongest muscle: your willpower.

Exercise is healthy. Exercise changes your appearance. But did you know that it also makes you mentally stronger ? If you can keep motivating yourself, you mainly train your willpower. And a strong will is the prerequisite for achieving your goals.

It’s just boring. Do it as a team!

It is often more difficult to do something on your own. Together you can achieve much more. Find a community with the same or similar goals as you. Talk about your goals. Get inspired. Celebrate your successes together and motivate each other when someone in the group is having a bad day. You for example.

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